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  • don.leathers don.leathers Dec 13, 2012 7:12 AM Flag

    Dividend and Cap Gains Dates?

    I suspect you are reading the numbers wrong. Double check them.

    However, if you invested towards the end of the year via a taxable account, you will be screwed on taxes. Search "Mutual Funds Capital Gains Taxes" and you should come up with several articles explaining.

    If someone was in the fund all year, taxable on tax-exempt account, they should be very happy right now! Congrats to those people! I might be one of them for 2013!

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    • No, I am reading the numbers correctly. Actually, I am happy with the performance of the fund, but a big capital gains distribution is nothing to get excited about, The price of the fund drops the same amount as the distribution (or more like it did yesterday) and if it is in a taxable account, you are liable. Whoopee.

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      • Of course a fund or a stock drops the same amount of any distribution. That's Investing 101. But, what you're choosing to ignore is the total return. The fact is that you receive that distribution without having to sell any shares. PETDX has an outstanding total return history that is only marred by the recession in 2007-08. Investors looking for dividend income and capital gains are generally pleased with a fund that has had total returns of 53.77% in 2009, 38.89% in 2010, 25.67% in 2011, and over 20% so far in 2012. Whining about distributions from a high yield mutual fund falls on deaf ears. If you didn't know that this is a high yielding fund before investing in it then your due diligence was inadequate. Yes, you are liable for taxes in a taxable account. If you expected something different then you invested in the wrong fund. Sell and buy something else.

      • No, certainly nothing to get excited about because the only reason this is done is to give the accounting of capital gains to uncle sam. This fund was listed in a recent article as one to be aware of with high capital gains. However, even if you have it in a taxable account, the great return it has provided should soften the blow of the taxes!

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      • People who have a position in this fund in a Roth are laughing all the way to the bank.

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