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  • raystock48079 raystock48079 Jan 7, 2013 4:13 PM Flag

    No one listen to the fool that told you to ignore me. I got more posts than I ever had before

    They only listen to me not you that posted ignore me. I have all the power you are nothing

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    • great job fool . Dobn't forget I made you do thoes posts. You are so dumb that you writing to yourself all the time. no one care what you are me write on this board. get smart dummy

    • " I have all the power you are nothing"

      Raystock has the power to be wrong and then lie about it afterward. It was a special power that he acquired after he realized that he wanted to trade stocks and have people admire his gains only to discover that he was a chronic loser with no sense of where stock prices were heading.

      Recently we saw him post on the qid message board that qid would remain below $28 all year only to claim that he took the share price up when it topped $28 and to claim that aapl would never go below $572.30 after buying at $661.31 and $572.30 and then claim to have made money buying it at $515

      No one has a greater power to post lies than Raystock does.

    • It is nice to see Raystock admit that he has more posts than before because normally he lies about that fact after claiming that he would not post anymore such as this one from the qid message board

      "goodby forever I will stop controling the market
      by raystock48079 . Apr 13, 2010 3:37 PM . Permalink
      You will not see me posting ever again. Ther is no reason to bring the shares up or down. I quit."

    • Raystock certainly has posted more which is funny because on the first of this year he wrote on the qid message board that he would not be posting anymore here .

      "I will not be controllimg any stocks this year
      by raystock48079 . Jan 1, 2013 8:08 PM . Permalink
      I have quit my job and will not be posting any more. I gave my job to the fool that posts all the time."

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