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  • djchappe10 djchappe10 Sep 19, 2003 10:30 PM Flag

    buyers of this stock i would like to

    know you reasons for buying this stock.

    if they liquidate, they would be less than zero.

    i don't think there will be a buyout, they have too much debt

    they are a holding company, but i don't think that the companies they own will be worth 240 million dollars. i think most will flop

    this company has a cash burn.

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    • Dear Droesebag,

      If you are generally a perfectly polite gentleman, modest at that. I'd like to hear your definition of a jerk.

      These are just the musings of a foolish dreamer!

      Sincerely, Previper

    • dr:

      Geez, thought that post was long gone. You gotta admit--right or not--you do lay it on heavy. I think you've got a good case to make, but you squander it in mean-spirited posts. You know, these suckers, as you call them, are perfectly capable of losing their money without any help from us. Anyway, there aren't a half dozen around who give a hang ICGE survives. Most of them are just waiting for another of those nice momo pops. I'd like to catch another one myself. Unfortunately, there is less time left to interpret any news as life-sustaining. I really enjoyed that summary post you did, especially the link to bear's early read on the coming bust...jad

    • well all I can say it is the foolishly bullish suckaz on this board who have brought it on themselves.

      This goes out to all you suckaz: If you can't take the heat when I expose your foolish dreams for what they are, then don't attack and insult me. I'm generally a perfectly polite gentleman (and also the most modest person I know!) but something about this board (e.g. being called a "MORON" when I said ICGE would trade down toward zero from $30) just makes me wanna tell it like it is.

    • Hello Mr. tb,

      You have made a point regarding your time frame with this stock.

      Why then do you often make blanket statements on this board that people should "just buy", without any concern for their potential time frame?

      You contradict yourself early and often.


    • years then if the stock goes up or down during that time frame (depending on whether my bet is long or short) I am right, by your logic. Even if investing my money in virtually anything else would've earned a better return. Those who bought ICGE as you suggested in mid-2001 are still waiting 2 years later. But, by your definition, they have made a good investment no matter how long the wait, even 100 years. It is all a matter of "time horizons." Interesting approach to investing.

    • "Am I too realistic and conservative?"



    • Technic 47: Sorry that it is frustrating for you if other people including myself have much longer time frames than you have. Just accept it as a given. Different people have different time frames. My time frame is 3 to 7 years. I know people who have time frames than run into decades and I know people who have time frames that last less than a couple of hours. Perhaps it would help if we disclosed our time frames when we enter discussions so we can be clearer. After all we are dealing with trends within trends within trends. Chart services have recognised this and provide for annual charts, quarterly charts, weekly charts, daily charts, hourly charts, 15 minuete charts, 5 minuete charts etc.

    • agreement. This is important since the board's chi gets out of whack when we disagree.

    • tech:

      On that score you are correct, although our exchange on uncle has magnified the attention a bit more than I would jave given it. No question Droese made the right prediction for as long as I can recall, although he relented a bit after the last major runup.

      What finally brought home an understanding of what really happened with ICGE and its incubator cousins was bear's old post from 2 years ago, which drose reposted last week. It is sometime difficult to appreciate how a down market sucks the wind out of them and how a prolonged down market can annililate them. With most of the emphasis on the partner companies and their progress, that aspect was easy to overlook. ICGE's
      effort to raise the value of its companies while buying down debt is a close run race, but it looks to me like they are losing, although it's too early yet to make a call.
      A number of techs have beaten the odds and pulled out of their dive in the last year...maybe ICGE will do the same...jad

    • worth a look and, far more often than droese (although the good doc has at times discussed facts and data), contains a basis, though wildly filled with assumptions, for his conclusions. My point was simply the double standard applied to bullish & bearish calls. uncletb has been bullish on a daily basis since spring of 2001. droese has been bearish. Who, regardless of rationale, has been more correct? 99% of all posters will say uncletb, while logic dictates otherwise.

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