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  • curlyjowayne curlyjowayne Jun 17, 2009 10:44 AM Flag

    Lord help, I have already lost $2000

    on the share price since I bought 3000 shares at $7.84 a week ago. The dividend is great, but not if it just gets back what you lose on the share price.

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    • I am into big dividend stocks right now. Go to Large Dividend Stocks and then to The Big List of Dividend Stocks. The Dividend Detective mentions several hundred big dividend stocks. Then you have to go read about them and see what you can afford. I am playing with CQP and several Maritime Freight Stocks. I am also messing with some Gold and silver penny stocks. I also like gas and oil pipeline stocks here on Texas, La. , Okla, and Wyoming. I am also looking at one or two years making alot of money. Things are awfull slow right now. Good luck.

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      • Where do you find "Large Dividend Stocks", in Yahoo Finance? I also have a large holding in a MLP that pays a large dividend -- STON, a cemetary/funeral home company. People laugh when I tell them, but it is a pretty steady business, and they are paying 15% right now, and were over 20% when the price was down. It is still a good buy.

    • Now I am down $2700. Wish the stock price would get back to $7.84 what I paid for it. Patience is the name of the game.

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      • You sound like a very new investor. If you cannot afford to lose the money you invested, you should not be in the stock market. That said, stop looking at the share price every day if it upsets you so much. Don't trade on your emotions. When I first started investing, I bought 500 shares of Columbia Sportswear at $8 just a few months after it had its IPO. It dropped below $7 and I panicked and sold it at a loss. It has since split two or three times and trades at about $20. It was a good company, and I knew it was a good company, but my emotions got the better of me, and I lost a great opportunity. If you are not sure why you bought Cheniere, if you don't think it is a good company, sell and get out.

        Cheniere could be risky. I am not positive that it will survive and continue to pay excellent dividends, but there are others on the board who are positive that it will. I am willing to ride it out.

    • What did you do? Did you sell your position?

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