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  • derivative5150 derivative5150 Apr 12, 2011 8:41 PM Flag


    So, looking at this stock bounce up and down in huge fashion, I want to know if anyone can answer this:

    Would management have came out earlier and stated the distribution of $1.70 was to be held this entire fiscal year when they had already recieved the letter of default from Centerbridge? I mean, why come out and state the distribution was being held at current levels if there was any real danger of the resulting legal issues with Centerbridge in lowering or cancelling out that distribution?

    Since management hasn't come forth with any new information, can we all assume their initial distribution announcement was an assurance that they see no reason to cut the current rate?

    Just some food for thought...would love to hear others. Thanks!

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    • Not a real question! The Question . Something is not right!

    • I called CQP HQ and received a call back re-div date. Announcement scheduled for April 27 and payable around May second week in May.

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      • I believe the poster meant to communicate that the last trade date will be 4/27 as settlement will take 3 business days and that the actual payment will be received around May 13th. This is no different than events in the past.

      • WEll, now that is interesting. I wonder if they are going to announce the earnings with the distribution. I think I could understand why they would do that at this stage. I wouldn't take it as a bad sign that the schedule has been put back. From my position, I kind of like the delay. It gives the shares to rise, but I wonder if they delayed annoucement will cap the stock. I could see us hitting $20 without knowing the distribution, but I suspect it will be difficult for it go above $19.50 without the announcement.

        Can you cut and past the email you received and put in your post?


    • Very good question. They have played it right down the line. I don't think they will respond in any way that is not consistent with the pre-default communication. The received the letter on feb. 17 (approximate) and didnt disclose the 8k some three weeks later, again right in line with their reqirements. If they had felt it was serious, they might have told the Market sooner. I have written to ir twice, but they will not respond. In my opinion, they will tell us the dividend on or about the 20th. What I appreciate is their coolheaded, logical and fair representation to all stakeholders in accordance with their legal disclosure requirements. I personally think they would tell the shareholders if it was a real risk. If they lower or cancel the distribution, it will be because of cash flow. However, if centerbridge were attempting to stop the distribution via a court motion, an 8k would likely be required. Perhaps, no news is good news.

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