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  • boxwinner boxwinner Jun 26, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Factoring Of European Invoices

    Never a good thing IMO. The Strategic Review is getting a little long time wise too.

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    • IMO this is intended to create more liquidity for TECUA probably due
      to delays on part of customers in making timely payments on purchases
      of our compressors---in turn due to overall weakness in many European countries
      Our stock has been very strong this year and profit taking running up to June 30th
      is pobably taking place---
      Implementing the strategic plan continues to be a work in progress--
      Hopefully new directors can help jump start the necessary initiatives that
      need to be implemented
      TECUA is really a 2014-2016 story. The really easy money has been made--
      IMO this will be in a $10 - $11 trading range for several months--Hopefully
      the stock will consolidate around current levels in preperation for a
      longer term, grinding kind of gradual appreciation run into the high teens
      low 20's in 2015. Personally I would be happy to have this stock trading
      around $18 in mid 2015.

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      • 'Alea iacta est'.
        The reforms will be implemented. Our company had crossed the Rubicon when the new board members were placed. The realization of a tight, profitable company is in sight.
        Your observation about the easy money having already been made is most likely true for the short term. However, an appreciation that sees us in 2015 holding $ 20 + shares of our company is hardly a death march.
        My scenario would see our stock progress like mountain climbers, setting up stable bases as it makes its climb to the top. We Probably have hit a plateau @ $10 - $11. IMO there will be a jump up to a new plateau with each reform that is implemented.
        The wild cards being Brazil and India, while it is difficult to wait,wait we must.
        The dark cloud that is possible... is the politics of those two countries. South America, Brazil included ,have in the past nationalized assets. A wise head and a steady had will be required to obtain a satisfactory outcome.
        If all thing proceed satisfactorily a doubling of the value of a share could easily double in about two years.