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  • jbwalsh231 jbwalsh231 Dec 29, 2011 11:47 AM Flag

    Don't get scared out of your positions

    I agree that you shouldn't be selling here but I'm a bit baffled why we have so many buyers as gold continues to drop. When we see the dollar start to move back into the .77-.75 area I think gold will return an uptrend but that could be months away. There is more short term downside to gold than there is upside and gold stocks will eventually move in that direction.
    I guess if you know a TV is going on sale next week at a 10% discount and you just can't wait or don't care about saving the money you go ahead and buy it today. JB

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    • Remember that there are likely several "whales" who are taking positions in both Sandstorms. They must take their positions a little at a time. If your entire intended position size is 1M fill the biggest orders you can, when you can.

      And I wouldn't doubt that there are even bigger whales interested in these two companies. And they don't care about the difference between 1.15 and 1.05. They just want the shares.

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      • That makes a lot of sense and may be why we havn't fallen under the 1.10. JB

      • Excellent point, spence. I'm not going to take sides on this endless "Should I buy or should I wait?" argument because I think the best strategy is to do both.

        If you still have no shares, what are you waiting for, get some skin in the game, but buy in tranches from the trenches, and ALWAYS keep some powder in reserve in the event of a short-lived selloff. If you are sitting pretty on top of your pile of gold shares but still want to extend your position, what's the rush, wait for a lower price (perhaps even sub-$1.00). If you are in the middle somewhere like most of us, continue buying on the dips with anything from 5-10% below market limit orders to 10-20% below market stink bids, depending on your position, time frame, and risk tolerance. (Extend your range of tolerance, however, as volatility increases.)

        Play it like the Big Boys do. In the long run, prudence trumps greed, and it's always better to take a sure 80% than a possible 100. As with so many things in life - the either/or duality is often a false dilemma.


    • The only problem with your analogy JB is that the TV will not quadruple your value in 5 years or so if not do more, so i think people would rather be in the game rather then miss their chance to play by waiting for a steeper discount. I think if the stock is at 10-15 dollars i do not think anyone will care if they spent 1.25 a share or .95 cents either way you win. If the long term prospects can be huge why wait? Now I am in now probably higher then i wanted looking at it now. I am in at 1.26. I am willingly to add more if it does drop, but if not then ohh well i make out when it goes up with what i already have. Good luck JB.

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      • Bumble, I think your in a great position @ 1.26 and you will no doubt make a great deal of money owning this company at that price.

        I already have a good amount @ .96 but my point was if I use your numbers of 1.25 or .95 if I'm looking to invest another $10K the difference is @ .95 my 10K buys me over 2500 more shares for the same amount invested.
        Now look down the road and 2500 extra shares equals a lot of money.
        I'm not saying we will drop to .95 I'm just saying I'm in an accumulation mode at this point.
        I will start buying (if I get the chance) @ 1.10 and continue until we stop moving down and maybe a little on the way back up.
        We all have a great opportunity with the sisters.GLTA. JB