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  • town_and_country_clothing town_and_country_clothing Dec 29, 2011 9:54 AM Flag

    Don't get scared out of your positions

    We have a true winner in the making. Use this weakness to add to your position.

    Night everyone :)

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    • I think that strategy will make you one happy bumblebee in a few years. (Probably a lot sooner.)


    • Awesome feedback and points guys and great philosphy on buying points Z. I may take a stab and buy some more soon as i planned to keep adding on 10% dips from my original buy and that would take me right around 1.13 a share, and then 1.01 and so forth by adding alittle each time on those dips.

    • Yes, it's always good to keep in mind that for every seller there is a buyer, and vice-versa. I find trying to understand the motivations of a single person or even my dog a futile effort, however, much less an entire market. (Actually I don't have a dog, but you get the point.)

      Fortunately, however, predicting market behavior isn't necessary as long as you remember that the majority always behaves like a herd. Providing, of course, you have the emotional fortitude and determination to stand apart from the herd.

      And I mean, REALLY stand apart. Because one of the characteristics of a herd is that none of the individuals making it up really think they are part of a herd. (Go ahead, "Be different".) In my experience, this can take a lifetime of vigilance and self-reflection.


    • Im with ya T/C. This management teams proven track record bodes well for this stock and i think anyone who sells this stock will highly regret it. I once had a small cap stock called Sohu a few years back in the 2 dollar range and sold for a modest gain and well the stock took off because of my lack of patience and well i could have had thousands. This stock I think has the potential to give me a second chance at hitting a really nice pay dirt and i will not blow it this time. Happy New Year T/C,Z, JB, and all the others who keep this board going.

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      • I agree that you shouldn't be selling here but I'm a bit baffled why we have so many buyers as gold continues to drop. When we see the dollar start to move back into the .77-.75 area I think gold will return an uptrend but that could be months away. There is more short term downside to gold than there is upside and gold stocks will eventually move in that direction.
        I guess if you know a TV is going on sale next week at a 10% discount and you just can't wait or don't care about saving the money you go ahead and buy it today. JB