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  • shinyobject_2 shinyobject_2 Dec 31, 2011 11:40 AM Flag

    Lets have some fun

    With new streams and gold back to 2000+ I would say @3.08

    ~ Shiny

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    • That would certainly be welcome, shiny! As long as it doesn't portend a much darker omen of things to come.

      Rather than a big spike, I'd be much happier with a very agressive but more gradual and sustainable rise in the share price (I'm looking for about 30% year over year) that was based more on increased earnings and market visibility than on a meteoric rise in the price of gold (or a collapse of the USD and something approaching hyperinflation). The trick is to get enough money moving into gold and gold stocks without it being so much of a flood that it undermines the whole equities market. Sort of like a nice healthy downpour as opposed to a monsoon.

      As for a specific prediction, aside from my preference as stated above, I'll sit this game out. The fact is I haven't the foggiest idea what will happen, except to say that it sure looks like rain is on the way.