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  • zentrarian zentrarian Jan 1, 2012 10:30 PM Flag

    Lets have some fun

    That would certainly be welcome, shiny! As long as it doesn't portend a much darker omen of things to come.

    Rather than a big spike, I'd be much happier with a very agressive but more gradual and sustainable rise in the share price (I'm looking for about 30% year over year) that was based more on increased earnings and market visibility than on a meteoric rise in the price of gold (or a collapse of the USD and something approaching hyperinflation). The trick is to get enough money moving into gold and gold stocks without it being so much of a flood that it undermines the whole equities market. Sort of like a nice healthy downpour as opposed to a monsoon.

    As for a specific prediction, aside from my preference as stated above, I'll sit this game out. The fact is I haven't the foggiest idea what will happen, except to say that it sure looks like rain is on the way.


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    • Z, It would be nice wouldn't it. The flip side is more like we will see strong spikes with strong sell offs. The market is just to volatile as is lack of trust across the board. I would rather see gentle sustained rise based on value as well. I doubt we will see that however based on this last year.

      ~ Shiny

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      • Well, at the end of the day (year), if you discount all of the volatility, you may still wind up with the gentle sustained rise we are looking for. (Although I would say 30% is far from gentle. You better engage your parking brake if you're parking on that kind of incline!):,_Dunedin

        Rickards refers to this in his book where he discusses fractals and compares a stock chart to the seismographic record of an earthquake. The latter is arguably what we are experiencing in global financial markets, and it takes a lot of imperturbability to see the underlying pattern beneath all the day-to-day shaking.