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  • jbwalsh231 jbwalsh231 Jan 27, 2012 11:08 AM Flag

    Gold moving above 1800 next week

    and hopefully taking SNDXF along with it. We should see 1.50 soon. We're going to laugh about the old days of 1.40 SNDXF in a few years. We broke a key 1720 and are now above 1730. Don't get left behind. The train is moving out of the station.JB

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    • unlimited, I'm all for Aruba. I've been there before but there's nothing like having someone that can help guild you to places not on the tourist maps.JB

    • thanks T/C, for the advice I am a long term holder, and thus may just buy some more at this point even though it will raise my Dollar Cost Average up alittle bit, but you are totally right if we achieve anything close to SLW then it really will not matter if you buy here or at a little lower. thanks again.

    • Lissa I agree on the warrants If I were younger I would sell half my common and buy more of the 2015s

    • You all know I'm a big fan of the warrants but you never need to exercise them. It is much better to just sell them say in 2013 and then just buy the shares. There is no premium on them at the moment but there will be in the next 18 months. Don't let the fact they you can't convert them at the moment stop you from buying.

    • town_and_country_clothing town_and_country_clothing Jan 30, 2012 5:38 PM Flag


      Even at the current s/p, I think the risk/reward is still excellent, if you are long term. If you're thinking about flipping shares, then this probably isn't a good entry point, imo.

      Long term, I see SG achieving what SLW has done at their high point from last year, perhaps even surpass it.

      I'm accumulating monthly now, as I've started to switch more towards SME as my core in SG is almost set and I think my biotech will start it's run very soon, so I'm adding more shares in that one, and I'm adding to my junior explorer. So, I'm feeding six stocks on a monthly averaging basis.

      You might want to think about accumulating the SG warrants. Low price and you'll have time to gather FRN's so you can excersize them when we can. I have several k's of warrants and feel good about them.

      Good luck! :)

    • Unfortunately, for me it would be. I do not have as much cash or shares as the regulars here, However, I am trying to add another 1000 shares but want a little bit of a dip and am not getting that dip,so i will try to be patient.

    • Why not make an Alaska Cruise and visit the Sandstorm team in Canada....And of course I can arrange a get together here in Aruba, which also will have a Ritz Carlton soon as they started building just a few months ago !!

    • don't need $25/share for cloud nine, $10 would do it.

    • bb, when that happens I think the regulars on this board, maybe a dozen or so should all plan to meet each other for a celebration. It's mighty nice here in Naples in the middle of the winter for you northerners out there and it would be nice to meet the many good people on this board. We would at least have one thing in common. Money! The Ritz Carlton is a mile from my home.JB

    • agreed with your analysis, the 1720 level was key for gold and was broken on volume, plus the COT report released 20 minutes ago looks favorable. Added to snxxf this afternoon as well as a flier on the 169 strike for GLD...I expect a quick test of 1800...

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