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  • mark_pliska mark_pliska Apr 11, 2012 7:53 AM Flag

    This stock ( has no magic, it

    I don't understand your angle. Are you trying to send the price lower so you can buy? Are you just stupid? You're wasting everyone's time here with your inane posts. If you think the stock's overvalued at least give a couple of coherent reasons why.

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    • I don't understand your angle<<

      My angle is to teach people not to get locked in on one is a good stock to have in one's portfolio...but do not go overboard..stay diversified. Some people really get locked in and fall in love with one or two stocks..that in MHO is bad investing..diversify among your best ideas is the name of the game...I just sold some LVS on 4-9-2012 for $60.53 a share that I bought for $1.62 a share back in March of I know what I'm talking about.

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      • John, so your saying it was a good thing that you didn't load up on LVS and you stayed diversified or you wish you did invest more in LVS so you could have made a lot more money?JB

      • hooray! a somewhat coherent statement. I agree that some diversification is essential but like Warren Buffett says "you can put most of your eggs in one basket if you take really good care of it."

        I give you credit for buying LVS at the bottom, who would've thought it could move 40x or so. But LVS back then and Sandstorm now is a completely different investment. LVS was priced for potential bankruptcy (which was a very real possibility) and the stock exploded when that was averted. I tell my friends and family, the reason Sandstorm is my biggest holding is not because it can go up 30x, or even 10x (very unlikely), but because the downside is so limited and the return to risk profile is the most attractive I have ever seen. as a worst case, if you hold on to this stock you will not do badly. unless gold goes below 1,000 in which case the world will have much bigger problems.

        I think without a doubt we are in a huge deflationary wave which is bad for gold but ultimately the government printing will prevail, and when it does, Sandstorm is positioned perfectly to take care of it. not only will gold go through the roof, but investors will be looking for a good gold play and Sandstorm is the only true gold streamer. this means not only will earnings continue to double/triple, but so will the multiple. do the math.