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  • johnfox188 johnfox188 Apr 11, 2012 8:57 PM Flag

    This stock ( has no magic, it

    JB, You are missing the point..of course I wish I would have put much, much more in LVS...but at that point in time LVS was on the verge of bankruptcy...Sure LVS worked out but for every LVS there are 100 stocks, in that position, that completely fail...40 baggers are very rare and that is why you have to diversify among your best ideas to have a chance of catching one. I'm hoping will work out for me...I have 12,000 shares at 40 I'm already ahead..would like to see it go to $5..that would be nice...$60,000 for $4800 would be a nice payoff..but now I'm dreaming..and you can laugh at me when heads to zero..but if it does it will not destroy me.

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    • John, I understand your point and for the record, I would never take pleasure in your loss or anybody else's for that matter. No laughing here. Diversification has always been and always will be the safest way to invest but many investors that don't have as much capital as others sometimes feel they are fortunate to invest all they have in one good growth company with limited downside risk. That's what I believe we have with Sandstorm. I try not to give any advice to others on how they should invest their own money. It's none of my business. Nothing wrong with sharing idea's though. By the way, Spence has always been a fantastic addition to this board and I wish he had the time to post more often. Good luck with your investments.JB