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  • trin2learn trin2learn May 5, 2012 4:40 PM Flag

    For those who are high fiving about the consolidation think about this....

    @Tucker, I have two suggestions for you.

    First, when you respond to a message, please identify the poster so it is easier to know to whom you are responding. I can usually figure it out, but when there are many messages in between, multiple sub-threads, deleted messages, and such, at times it isn't possible, or worth the effort.

    Second, your skill at having a dialog, or ability to "educate", could use some polishing; IMO. If you do possess superior knowledge, and you seem to think you do, it would be better received by a better choice of words, and a less grating tone.

    Please accept my suggestions as a sincere wish to maintain the utility of this message board. Trin

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    • Trin,

      He was talking about me....

      So.... Tucker, thank you for telling me that I do not know anything.

      You can keep being under the illusion that more equity will not be issued at some later date to finance a new deal.

      And, I'm STILL waiting for anyone to make a valid arguement as to why based on yesterday's closewe need a $9 s/p to uplist on the AMEX, when the requirement is $2.


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      • As I said in my post, there can be dilution if the stock is 50 cents or 50 dollars. I don't know why you can't understand that. All the matters as far pricing the stock is the total market cap, not the number or shares or the individual share price.

        We are going to 9 because that is what the decided on. You want to get away from the $2 level, so going to 4 or 6 would not make sense when you could just as easily go to 9.

        You are worried about nothing that wasn't already on the table.