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  • LongPicker LongPicker May 5, 2012 7:39 PM Flag

    For those who are high fiving about the consolidation think about this....

    This is the "cleanest" board I have found in the metals blogosphere. Thanks to everyone here for keeping it that way.

    When people come with bad attitudes and attempt to break up reasonable threads (I know its hard) but simply do not respond.

    My take on the R/S is that it doesn't matter. The market will always discover the price split or not and if you're long,
    then price fluctuation shouldn't matter anyway, unless you're planning on adding,
    in which case a fall in price should be a welcomed event :-) IMO.

    The thing that has more affect on the share price of streamers and miners is the price of the metals themselves. We are approaching a turning point in that department in the next couple of weeks and this tech analysis says it could go either way.