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  • connor.jin connor.jin Jan 7, 2011 2:25 PM Flag

    Do not ignore

    I bought shares, not options. Why? People buy options to limit their loss, by paying premium. I feel very comfortable holding the WATG shares. This company is too solid.

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    • Do not ask me that stupid "buying option" question again. Weak people like you buy options. I buy shares with confidence: ER is coming, IPO is cming, management hold 43% of common shares.

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      • connor.jin: What are you going to do if I ask the question again?

        Let's say you had $50,000.

        You can buy 7,000 shares at $7.50 (14,000 shares on margin). If the stock goes to $15 by July (still severely undervalued, as management says the stock is worth at least $30 a share, or $1billion+), then you make $50,000 (or $100,000 if you bought on margin).

        However, if you buy 1,400 of the July calls with $12.5 strike (they cost $35 for a contract now), you will make $280,000 by July.

        If you think that WATG is undervalued and if you are not an imbecile, then you should have bought 1,400 July $12.5 calls today.

        You claim you have $500,000.

        Conclusion: You are either a liar or a nonbeliever or an imbecile, or all three. Pick one, two, or all three!