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  • gilmore501 gilmore501 Jan 1, 2013 10:57 AM Flag

    Year End Book Keeping Sells

    Nothing more, nothing less. However, when I do my year end selling, I do not dump anything
    that has potential to gain in January.....So I do not think the selling was from upcoming news.

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    • The lack of conviction and discipline in the sales yesterday tells me it was a 150k dump by an insti holder. The rest was some panic selling it generated. With cap gains increase to 20% others may wish they had taken profits in 2012, but not a smart move with this stock, yesterday was a great day to buy.

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      • We"ll see what tomorrow's trading brings us. I have a feeling we go lower; I hope I am wrong but with nothing tangible nor material to give it a little jolt- we are flatlined for awhile. I am not banking on the goog deal. One possibility, which might just be wishful thinking is that we are already bought by another company or were going to be involved in a merger with new company. But I don't think it has anything to do with goog. I might be off on this but I believe that bargain match needs more traction from some of the companies mentioned by one of the posts. Babytobee will likely be divested and I am not sure what they do with yellowise-I don't see it as a scalable business entity. That leaves us with the patent in question and other revenue inherent in the company. Just my opinion.

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      • well stated, but even more likely to me is a trader who built a position in the .40-70 range and who booked a nice % profit at the lower 2012 tax rate - some people make nice livings doing that and to quote Robert Ryan from "The Wild Bunch": I wish to God I was with em!

        Someone on this board described a trade much like that in Nov, at about the same vol then, but w/o much other vol yesterday, the pps really got hit - and as you note, giving us a great buying opp, esp with the futures currently through the roof for Wed's open...

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