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  • lawshark93999 lawshark93999 Apr 26, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    push, respectfully

    noticed some of your comments, and I would like to offer a spirited counter argument. Yes you are 100% correct that INUV is basically a company that should not be invested in. It has a poor stock performance history; it is losing money, and has for years but here is where I disagree with you. Everything has a price on these exchanges. At even 2 dollars, INUV would be way 77 cents based upon all arithmetical variables, It would be underpriced..but I still wouldnt buy..but at under 70 cents..It becomes 1 dollar, I would most likely starts selling. In 1999, Coke was higher than it is right now.Its yield was not even 1% and its price multiple was over that price KO was way overpriced...Just as a side....I do still practice law..but only take cases I know I will win...Just as a comparison...On a garden variety slip and fall with decent liability..Defense counsel will work you to death for 2 years...making law and motion court his weekly and almost daily routine of having you run down to the court at 8:30 for some frivolous issue..make u spend 10-20k of your own money...telling u all the while how bad your case is..then finally and almost literally, offer u a fair price for your case on the court house steps before trial 2 years after you filed the case ..Thats how hard it is to make money...Is there a ticker symbol that is attached to the value of my case that I can look at everyday? to see what my case is worth? Spending upteen amounts of cash on a case, being worked to the grindstone for 2 yrs by defense counsel, all the while telling u he will stick your client with costs when his client wins his eventually filed motion for summary why I feel investing in stocks is very similar except you dont risk the stress, the battle fatigue etc etc but u do risk the dough in both..... to all those impatient investors on the board..relax have a little patience...the train will get may take a few more quarters GL to all

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    • Law, it really is diificult to take your "respectfully" piece seriously considering the content of the postings of your Vertrosaht alter ego. secondly, my comments was based upon your constant "spinning" of everything with any basis whatsoever (eg: They moved to the same town as Acxiom, they will be INUV out). Funny how you talk about "taking a few more quarters". With this POS, success is always a few quarters away.

      PS: Regarding your Q1 projections, with a 300K net loss, they will be over $2M short of the equity requirements. How will that be made up in less than 3 quarters?

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      • Push and all of your aliases, you are a third class t urd. You cut on everyone on this board that has anything to say that is positive yet you act offended by vertosaht's posts? Get a life, I can't wait for this stock to run up 50% so you run off to wherever you go until it pulls back 10%. Whether you are right about this company ultimately does not matter, all that matters is PPS, and I think you will find that not only are you are wrong, you will be poorer for all of your ignorance. I know one thing for sure, I will make a nice profit on this when all is said and done so I don't give a rat's #$%$ what you say or do. But in the mud slinging battle that occurs here you're lower than a sewer rat looking for a solid meal.

    • Bullroar, Lawsiht! You've been a buyer all the way down from a dollar! Don't try and tell any of us that INUV is now OVERPRICED at 70 cents and above. Do you think we are all as dumb as you?

    • You own 77K at approximately $0.68-69 per share and you are saying that at $0.77 inuvo is "way overpriced". I strongly agree that there business model is all over the place, lacking stability and profitable "branding". However, if and I say BIG IF they are able to tap into mobile market with privacystar, I disagree that $2 is overpriced. Do I think we'll go private very soon? Yes I do, and I believe that price will be over $1.25. No, I don't have any hard facts to back it up, but having been invested in this company for 6 years now supports my position. At the end of the day, it is just a small investment for many of us and it would be nice to make a few dollars. A couple more quarters and we'll know where are heading. Take care Law.

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