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  • vertrosaht vertrosaht Jun 20, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

    the reason the market is down is simple

    without printing money..interest rates would skyrocket thus causing cutbacks in government spending and then the federal government could not keep sending that loser skier his monthly short its complete losers like that idiot skier why the USA is in such trouble..the lsoer stays home wacking to adult web movies....the lsoer sits in his chair permanatly entrenched on the INUV message board that he trolls night and day like a cockroach ....too dumb and too lazy to get work as judged from his time spent on here..hes mentally disabled ..who would hire this loser? What would this loser's resume state? spent the prime years of my whole life trolling the INUV message board ?? What an outstanding career this loser has had..This guy is the whole reason why the USA is in such trouble..Yes QE is the economy..without it losers like skier wouldnt get a government check...yes skier and his 5 other ids...this guy is not only a loser and a parasite off the taxpayers..but a complete sihtsucking cockroach

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