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  • joercollazo joercollazo Aug 17, 2001 5:42 PM Flag

    Cable does NOT = DSL

    You've turned cautious on NTPA. Anything new you've heard about them.
    I am shorting VRTS and BRCD. Since I see Netopia going nowhere for the next six months, I decided to short what I consider to be overpriced high tech stocks. Missed shorting CIEN before the 9 plunge this weak. Netopia is the only long position I have left in tech stocks

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    • I haven't really heard anything new about NTPA...I just don't really see anything particularly energizing coming around soon. I think we'll trade in a range until the economic recovery (finally) happens. I do think that NTPA will be one of the companies left standing. However, I don't know what kind of shape they'll be in at that point. The balance sheet still looks OK right now, but they're going to be burning some cash here in the near term. If the recovery doesn't show positive signs of taking hold by the end of the year, I'll dump out of NTPA. If it does, I'll probably continue to hold it for 6 or 8 months to see what happens.

      So far as tech stocks go, I'm still long on CTXS, MERQ, and NTPA. Most of my long positions are in the financial services industry, which has held its value pretty well and should respond well with the rate cuts.

      I've covered every short position I had (including JDSU, which I claimed about an 80% gain on). I don't think there's much more broad downside out there to be had. I'm sure there are still some selective dogs still lurking about, though.