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  • big.yank big.yank Nov 22, 2011 11:55 PM Flag

    NASCAR fans in Homestead do something unforgiveable!

    I actually do like Barbados. I have been there a lot. Have you? It might interest you to know that the literacy rate and secondary education graduation rates in this beautiful country are the highest in the Western Hemisphere and far surpass the State of Florida. Their economy is booming and unemployment and entitlements are largely unnecessary because Bajans work for a living. Unlike Floridians who sponge off food stamps and WIC. And vote FOR Jeb Bush and to acquit Casey Anthony.

    Face it, dude. You live in the stinking armpit of America.

    The next time wildfires or a hurricane wreak havoc on The Sunshine State, I hope Michelle Obama tells her husband to recall your advice... "Good riddance."

    Have a few dozen Buds with your deep-fried Thanksgiving Turkey and remember this advice when you are hovering over the commode in your usual position, barfing up your holiday dinner: "What goes around, comes around."

    Without broad fan support there is no NASCAR sponsor support. Without sponsor support, there is no NASCAR. NASCAR is already in trouble... empty seats, lost sponsors, lost fan interest, lower Nielsons, races now relegated to minor cable channels, the NASCAR banquet no longer televised...

    Buy a clue, moron. Do you want this sport to survive? Or do you just want to beat somebody up to show what a manly man you are? Sadly, youy lose on all accounts.

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