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  • RickM352 RickM352 Aug 29, 2008 1:06 PM Flag

    McCain to choose Alaska Gov for VP

    Awww, how liberal of him. Pulling out all the stops by pickin a woman vp. It isn't gonna help. His policies are already confirmed. America won't put up with 4 more years of clowns disgracing this country. While channel surfing I caught a glimpse of granny rantin and ravin, and howdie doody just standing there smiling that goofy smile of his, and waving. When you get a chance catch a glimpse of the two. Pathetic. She's singing the same old [lame] song that he's been singing all along....mccain was this and mccain was that....and mccain was. Just WAS, used to be, out of style, out of touch. The past is just that, put behind. It's onwards to a better, repaired, respected America. I know of hikers from here that put Canadian flags on their back packs when hiking in foreign countries, why? because America has lost her dignity....thanks to bush and cheney. mcbush could've gotten Jesus as a running mate and it wouldn't matter one bit. Let the games begin.

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    • Anyone who puts a Canadian flag on their backpack because they are worried what someone from another country thinks.....should just move to Canada. Europeans, etc. don't want to step up and do anything. France finally got a leader with some guts. As far as more of the same.....I'm from Illinois and Obama is a great orator, but spewed more liberal, pie-in-the-sky ideals, with no explanation of how he's going to make it happen. basically, get in line for your check because the government is going to take care of you because you deserve it. No thanks!

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