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  • RickM352 RickM352 Aug 29, 2008 1:45 PM Flag

    Palin vs Biden. Be serious. Palin who?

    Here's a post from someone that seems to have some common sense. [Common sense].
    I knew McCain would pick a woman to position himself against Obama / Biden. This however I feel was a fatal mistake that will certainly cost him the election. When people who choose a president go to the polls, if they really think about the issues at hand, need to also take into account that the VP needs to be able to step up into office and run the country. With McCain being as old as he is, it is quite possible that Palin could be called to serve as President. The same could be said of Biden if something were to happen to Obama. So when you look at that alone Biden against Palin? I don't even see a real contest there.
    Biden is going to make her look like a high school kid when the VP
    debates come up. I don't see how she will be prepared to answer some of the tough questions on foreign policy.
    I'll have to say that McCain's judgment by
    choosing a fairly unknown woman to take the VP spot will probably
    anger more Hillary voters than sway them. They are not lemmings who
    follow her just because she is a woman, they follow her because of
    her experience, and her proven strong willed personality who can
    bare the brunt of attacks. Palin is "Pale In" comparison to Hillary

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