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  • corelon500 corelon500 Sep 24, 2008 4:23 PM Flag

    Mac CAIN is afraid of the debate!! lol!!


    wow!! so much for someone who wants to be our leader!!! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Don't make me have to bitch slap your azz.

    • That's the closest you've come, to not sounding like a ferret. Something tells me you have such a strong attraction to palin because you yourself have had a few illegitimate children while you were about, maybe 12, 13?

    • This is the biggest joke Election I ever seen in my life time, on both sides of the aisle. As for McCain suspending his Campaign in tell something is signed, that’s just a political game. It’s either going to work or backfire on him. But come on saying he’s afraid, to have a foreign policy debate with Obama. Even Clinton stated today, that McCain offered to have 10 to 12 town hall debates with Obama, which he turned down.

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      • I'm sure it wasn't for lack of knowledge. I guarantee that. I'm sure an audience of a few people in a predominately republican home town meeting is quite different from live television before millions of people. Sort of like not allowing palin to talk to the media. But, I could be wrong. Also, other commitments could've already been arranged. After all, campaigning is nothing but appointments here and there every single day. But to back down from a 72 year old guy with direct ties to the republican party who doesn't even know how to use a computer and has to answer to how many times he's voted with bush on countless deregulations, and picks a vp young enough to be his thinks not. I'm more than sure Obama's capable of any debates with him, wherever. I sure wouldn't interrupt my hectic schedule for him, knowing that soon we would both meet on stage, to face the nation. Now go ahead and disagree on that. Show what you're made of.

    • I'm more interested in actions on the economy, we already know what both of their positions are...

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      • Hey fib, you should me more interested in obtaining your GED than the economy. You know nothing about either the economy, the candidates or when you dropped out of school. The staff at Ole Miss. is prepared to hold the debates tomorrow at 8pm. Their cheer is.."Are you ready". They said any responsible leader should hold to their commitments. It doesn't seem as though McCain is. So, McCain's afraid to stand before the American people and have a one-on-one with someone twice as literate, fluent and confident, and the republican committee won't allow palin to speak publicly about her visits with foreign dignitaries because they're afraid she'll open her mouth with that twangy, shrilly voice and shatter everyone's glasses and the camera lens when she sez, "wow it was really groovy talking to someone from a foreign country!" Congress has already said they can get along just fine without the two candidates present. So McCain splits and they shove a sock in palin's mouth. Now there's a team I want leading our country forward, or more likely backward. And you know what's going on in the political arena......yeah right. And Bill gates is my cousin.

    • What makes you think that? Maybe you didn't realize there was a financial crisis going on and he is a Senator.

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      • He's a Senator who's been part of the problem for 30 years and he wanted to avoid facing the music on national television and get eggs all over his face. O wow, there's a financial crisis, McCain just found out about it now? Where was he sleeping two years ago? In which of his seven house. That house must have had such thick walls. Even after Lehman got shot down in the a$$ the Republicans were still saying everything is fine and dandy. All of the sudden, the Economy is in DANGER, and let's blame the Democrats and the Congress for not acting fast enough. Let's solve years of problems in 1 day. Yeah....let's chicken out of the debate. A leader should run and hide!

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