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  • mdbcolorado1 mdbcolorado1 Feb 14, 2013 8:45 AM Flag

    EESTOR has demonstrated that technology works; just need to produce several prototype batteries

    By July is my guess.

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    • mdbcolorado welcome to the open forum not dominated by the Zenn investor mob. You have to admit that DW has engaged in some level of deception. For example, there is no way he tested full 52kwh EESUs when his '536 patent was filed in 2004. He was working out of his son Tom's house then. He didn't have his investor money yet. Based on IC's video in 2007, DW gave the impression that a finished product was soon to be delivered. In 2009, DW was assembling EESUs. Now we know that DW's technology is not even in the prototype stage or else he would have reported prototypes pursuant to Zenn's TA. When will investors cut bait with eestor?

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      • I jumped over a celery stick a year ago, now I improved and now jumped over a shoe, Wow! That means I will be able to jump a house in Colorado by July! A true middle earth dream.

        Now a PR about data. Why not just take that tiny chick-let and let AFRL demonstrate "it works?" Simple answer is that then EESore would not be able to monkey with the test to produce "We just jumped over a shoe 'data'."

        Still, July is near (which year was that?). So, you should hop on to this opportunity of a lifetime and buy as many lottery tickets as Zenn stock. Maybe one of those tickets will pay for all the money you lost in Zenn?

    • Colorodo, What happened, Mr. EESCAM is no longer assembling EESUs ahead of schedule? Now the scam is EESCAM is going to produce several prototype batteries, hahaha? Mr. EESCAM and your leader, dirt bag should get your scam stories straight.

      You can play the EESCAM slick con game with the dirt bag at theestoyr.ning, but not here.
      EESCAM never demonstrated their technology, that is a fact. OPS I forgot your slick con leader with the bag on his head blogged Mr. EESCAM developed and tested the prototypes over 20 years ago for 6 months testing prototypes, hahaha. FBI should be investigating Mr. EESCAM, the dirt bag, and his associates, hehehe.

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