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  • only_observing only_observing Jun 21, 2000 4:29 PM Flag

    Going Up?

    that time management cannot provide any guidance
    (TER is in its quiet period). Since the last guidance
    was not that positive (at least according to ABN
    Amro) so we may have a long wait ahead of us for a
    surge in the stock price. I am afraid that the stock
    will continue to deteriorate until the earnings come

    I think that the earnings will be fine and the
    stock will rally nicely. But it's going to be a slow,
    grinding decline until July 18, IMHO.

    I hope that I
    am wrong.

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    • If the stock must fall then let it fall. It's
      futile to try to support or pump it up. The shorts are
      having a field day with these high openings and lower

      It's better that this stock opens
      lower--as low as possible so the shorts can start out the
      day at the lows, where profitting is least likely by
      the end of the day.

      So stop making positive
      comments about this company or the stock. It only gives
      the shorts better positioning from a higher opening
      price to short.

      No more upgrades, or super
      recommendations from goldman or anybody else. Rs ratings,
      capacity tightness, or any other positives.

      just makes the stock more vulnerable to bad news when
      it arrives.

      Like Cramer says--the only way to
      stop the bear raids is to allow the stock to reach
      compelling valuation levels, where it becomes immune to bad

      When YHOO was a young company, the stock always opened
      down. And after all the shorts were finished shorting,
      the stock would run up by the end of the day. Shorts
      would be bleeding red all the way home.

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