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  • Facts_and_facts_only Facts_and_facts_only Sep 19, 2000 11:09 PM Flag

    TER's performance relative to others

    TER was performing as well as the other
    semiequipment makers until the first week of June. Since then
    the performance has been substantially subpar. Here
    are the details:

    For the last 60

    AMAT up 114%
    NVLS up 188%
    CMOS up 108%
    TER up
    SOX up 108%

    For the last 40

    AMAT up 39%
    NVLS up 118%
    CMOS up 34%
    TER up
    SOX up 61%

    For the last 20 weeks

    down 24%
    NVLS down 4%
    CMOS down 42%
    TER down
    SOX down 7%

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    • Interesting numbers.What to do to get ter story out? Change name? announce going in to Optical component business? Developing biochip test machine? etc etc
      Have patience it will be rewarded.

      • 1 Reply to vepari
      • >>> What to do to get ter story out?
        <<< vepari

        Teradyne is known (by a relatively
        few) as a manufacturer of test equipment for the
        "chip" market. Even so, most do not know Teradyne to
        even that extent. What makes it more enigmatic is that
        many of us do not know what the "chip market" is!
        There is even a difference of opinions among those in
        the chip market!

        Compounding this is the fact
        that most who own TER do not even know .... "how much
        each product costs." Nor do we have any sense of how
        many products are being sold ... and the effects on

        For example, yesterday's announcement re: the Boeing
        replacement of their ATE with new Teradyne 9100 series
        device. When I discussed this with my partners (locally)
        they said ... "sounds great, Boeing buying an
        expensive test machine from Teradyne." Not one person
        noticed the effects of the switch on the many avionics
        test centers spread among air bases worldwide! There
        was an implied idea that ONE machine would be bought
        ... and all avionics would be tested on that one
        machine. For anyone who has been in the military, such a
        concept is strange. The C-17s are based on many aprons,
        in many parts of the world. Today, in my small town,
        I can see one or two here. When I taught at the
        AFB, I would see several being serviced on a typical
        day. WOuld it not be the case that we would update our
        avionics with the series 9100? How many other avionics
        centers would do the same?

        And that was just one
        announcement from yesterday. How many other deals,
        announcements, reports, etc... fly across our desks that we do
        not understand? Can we expect the public to
        understand more than we do ... if they do not spend as much
        time studying?

        Teradyne should do what the
        mutual fund industry is now doing. Writing their
        prospectuses and reports in a language that the average
        citizen could understand. After two annual reports from
        Teradyne, I haven't the foggiest notion what they do ...
        but I just added another 500 shares based on the fact
        that ... THEY DO!

    • The market is skeptical that Ter.will report any
      improvement in bookings over Q2!!!!!
      If it's true the
      stock will continue to languish in the low to upper
      40's and 2001 estimate will be cut back to $3.75. A
      bookings number in the low $900m will propel the stock
      quickly to the low $70s.

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