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  • mario_themario mario_themario Dec 8, 2005 12:51 PM Flag


    What a novel concept from

    While the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq continue to sport gains, more upside momentum has been seen in small caps, as evidenced by a 1.0% surge on the Russell 2000, perhaps signaling an even stronger tolerance for risk on Wall Street as valuations have come into question following the market's recent rally.

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    • especially in the red hot market, flash memory.
      Congrats Zobry - you finally figured it out; since you're on of the "smarter" shorts and you pretend inside view you should know that price usually is not a criteria when selecting equipment.

      The weakened Yen vs. the Dollar should be an added advantage to them.

      And you should also know that there is a detour via Boise that leads to Santa Clara and if Lam did well at Micron than they will get a fair shot. I'm pretty sure the folks from Boise and Santa Clara talk to each other.

      Finally, I am starting to notice that contract manufacturers, such as those employed by Lam to handle their manufacturing,
      you sound like a disgruntled guy from manufacturing floor HAHAHA

    • stockl2005, don't expect it to fall. My position all along is that it will take time, several months before things unwind. All the indicators are in place, all time high in the metals which are used in manufacturing, oil/nat gas moving up with $3 gas being talked about by spring, rates climbing, housing market is starting to crack, etc. All the pieces are there, its just a matter of time when it finally comes to fruition.

      You think 42, I think 30, that's why there are longs and shorts. I have a large long position in MO and in BMET. Will add to both when I exit here.

    • premkt down 8 cents. sky is not falling.

    • Margin pressures and competition have been the issue from GS and now Citibank in regards to LAM. As far as INTC, there are the industry leader as even AAPL is looking to buy their chips. IBM downgrade today. Don't see a positive sign out there, sans the cell phone market. Interesting article from Hulbert about P/E's and how they compare.

    • And how long do you think that will last? Haven't seen a product worthy yet.

      From them either. Once you're out of a cycle, it's tough to get back in...for at least 2-3 cycles. Maybe, but not much of a factor if the price is set right.

      Can't comment on this last piece, but this also sounds like a stretch.

      I'm loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg on a very well managed company.

    • lam finally broke 37 which has been like a brick wall. We will still see a year end push but 06 will be brutal for all the boo-yah cheerleaders

98.08-0.900(-0.91%)Oct 25 4:00 PMEDT