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  • storagelh storagelh Jan 10, 2006 12:35 PM Flag

    Commit new capital

    Thats what we are supposed to do now that the dow finally caught up with the other averages. How high can they take the markets? I keep hearing about all the $$$$ on the sides in cd's, etc. from the individuals. Hell, its there for a reason, because the masses have figured out just how corrupt wall street is. Hype tv keeps telling us that this $$$ will come out now that the markets are busting out. What a joke. I've pulled all my parents $$$ out and putting them in cd's. It took me a while to convince him, but he's finally catching on. Let wall street screw each other, instead of the individuals !!

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    • Oil's rise again to over 64 again took no notice. Its now up 14% off its low a month ago but pump prices have just started to climb. Gold hitiing 25 year highs and all those commodity company's reporting poorer results have nothing to do with higher costs.

      Upgrades throughout tech (except here of course), I guess they aren't impacted by these higher costs, buy ipods for gods sake.

    • It isn't bothering me that I'm missing this move. I sold several longs last week, to early of course but even the Mad Money Cramer just siad we are entering territory the same as 99 and 2000 on a multiple level in the naz. If you want to play that game, be my guest, but I learned my lesson. When the market ignores the facts and throws out all the bad news and worse news is good, it never ends good. When , who knows, but it never last. This move is long from over, but as always, take profits when they present themselves

    • Glad to see you two are posting relavent info, keep it coming.

    • Take heart, the markets moved higher in 5 days than they did for all of 05! This was all fed driven with the heralding of the rate increase demise. All the data coming in is BAD. Nobody is even looking at oil, which marches higher, they did make a big deal of it yesterday when it fell. Still see muddy water ahead and a severe downturn. Consumer's late payments still near all time highs and it won't get any better. They're tapped out. Negative savings rate coming up on 9 months!!!

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