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  • storagelh storagelh Feb 9, 2006 11:43 AM Flag


    Still need a little blow off top, which amat might provide. Semis have had a good run on the business front and budgets and spending usually pump the equip group in the first half. Short interest is probally at a low for the sector but that might change soon if they keep ramping the stocks on companies just hitting lowered #'s, ala nvls. Tough to go long at these levels and probally to early to short with all the good news and spin. Sector definately doesn't act like it used to !! I'm pretty much out of the markets now except for 2 plays, after selling pmcs yesterday, off the csco news. Still no sellers in the markets, and the only time it goes down is when the buyers take the day off. Not sure how long this can last but of course they are spending other peoples $$$, so who cares what they pay for a stock

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    • When that many people think that the top is near, they got to be wrong. I heard the same when lrcx is in the 30s and amd was in the 30s. And you said lrcx would fill the gap. May be on the long down trend eventually.
      Having said that, leaving some on the table is OK.

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      • Lam is at a 5 year high and getting close to the bubble year of 2000, all time high. Is business really that good ? If so you can double amat and nvls and they still wouldn't be at the highs. Lam's business is on a roll but the stock is getting ahead of itself, but that doesn't mean it won't go higher, and I don't recall saying anything about filling a gap with lam. I was long when it was around 30 , to start with. If your long then you better hope they can keep up their manipulation of earnings but that won't last either.

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