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  • roncai67 roncai67 Aug 8, 2002 8:11 PM Flag

    no volunm crap

    the stock has no volumn; the clothes has no personality.
    where is the market place if you compare company's product to nike, addidas, reebok, puma....
    people do not short the stock is because people never heard of it.

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    • So much for your theoretical gains. I like my gains better. In the bank.

      Why am I sensitive? You are the one that has to prove you have some special knowledge. I only point out BS when I see it.

      Now go out and spend you theory.

    • why

      (rhetorical question)


    • good_nicknames_are_gone good_nicknames_are_gone Nov 17, 2002 12:44 PM Flag

      No regrets 40% return and I am not greedy. I made a nice profit. I only have good things to say about this company so if the longs make more I am happy for them.
      Are you going to try and bad mouth me because I only made 40% on this stock?
      Actually I hope you make money on this stock as well, just don't need to read your self serving B.S. because you want to stroke your own ego.

    • Nick,

      You've already left 79 cents of YOUR profit on the table (doesn't sound like much, but as a % that's 1.8%, IN A DAY, or an annualized 432% per year, but I digress).

      My advice is to have a trailing stop loss at 96% of today's close and adjust it upward as it continues to rise. You can do this actually or mentally, but that's a nice volume bar on today's action; no reason to think this one won't be over $46 by the end of next week, that's a chance for an extra 6% for holding 5 trading days, or an annualized 288%, but I digress . . .


    • good_nicknames_are_gone good_nicknames_are_gone Nov 15, 2002 12:13 PM Flag

      Some talk the talk, some walk the walk.

      Instead of saying what it might do, I bought in and sold out with a nice profit. No mumbo jumbo theory, just real money.

      Merry Christmas!!

    • I originally said I would be back in December. Hit my target of $43 per share and I will take my profit. Excellent company, good luck to longs. I may get back in if there is a dip in the share price but no reason for any substantial downside.

      Look forward to a great Christmas season.

      Ho, Ho, Ho !!!

    • I am pretty much in agreement with you on COLM.
      My prior message was directed specifically at the and James Cramer.
      Yesterday he trashed Alcoa rating it a strong sell at 23/share when 3 months ago he said it was extremely undervalued at 27/share.

      Just a warning to anyone who gets news from those sources. They are making money selling news not from investing.

    • I'm suspicious of shorts as well, but if you
      do short COLM, cover at $33-34/share. That's
      about as low as she'll go unless we have another terrorist attack. If that happens
      all bets are off.


    • Kodiak,

      Agreed. Succinct & to the point, without
      all the emotion & attachment to a particular
      concept, company or stock.

      Can hardly wait to add to my COLM position later this month with a little II sharing $.

      I prefer the old-fashioned buy & hold (as long
      as fundamentals are positive)strategy.

      CHS has indeed been weak lately despite great
      numbers. I'm holding on...


    • Covered my short positions today, having raised (erroneously) my stops to 37.37 instead of staying with the earlier plan, with a stop in the low 36's. Dropped a third of my gains back into the market.

      Colm now on the rise, but it looks too risky to play on the long side, too much overhead resistance around 39.

      Good luck to all,


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