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  • have searched everywhere & I can find very little info exept their sales are up 11% ?????????

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    • Bob,I reviewed several of your posts on different
      message boards and it occured to me that we have similiar
      investment philosophies. I too use charting and
      IBD(CANSLIM)to make my stockpicks. Your quick analysis of buying
      opportunities in your posts is what intrigued me to write
      I would very much like to communicate with you and
      share some ideas and picks. If you are of similiar
      mind,please e-mail me at my Yahoo address(found in "Yahoo
      Profiles").Looking forward to hearing from you-ZOOMER60

    • I feel some momentum with this stock. Keep in
      mind I bought twice once around IPO time which means I
      have lost my ass on this stock and once at its low so
      it would be nice to re coup some lose with a bull
      run from COLM.

      Go COLM

    • Wish I would have bought more already!!!

    • This is a significant breakout from an extended
      downtrend, and a buy signal if you follow Investors Bus.
      Daily. A base building would be better, but this happens
      on very oversold conditions. The entire footware and
      apparel group is being accumulated right now.
      I own
      WWW on it is up 30% in a week. I will initiate a
      position in this stock Monday.

    • Which post said they had cash? Or are you
      suggesting they should have cash? I'm sure they have
      borrowing arrangements to support inventory needs. Frankly,
      I'm not sure what a bunch of idle cash gives you
      anyway. If they had cash, I would suggest a stock buyback


    • Cash : 5.7 million
      cash per share: $.20

      where is the cash??????

    • I has seen lots of stock were pumped and dumped
      over the year,
      just when you thought it turn around
      it will go right back to
      where it was. It will
      take another week to test COLM hope people not going
      to take profit at the same time.

    • Does anyone know how much exposure COLM has
      internationally and where sold primarily. I read on AOL post that
      COLM derives 18% of its sales internationally, but
      that may include Canada, which should not be as
      adversely affected. I got lucky buying this one on Friday
      at $10.50!!

      Hopefully positive fundamentals
      will remain. I cannot remember the last time I have
      seen a Company that has been in existence since 1938
      with an after-tax margin of 11% selling at 1/2 sales.
      AMAZING!! Any particulary threatening competitors? Or other
      companies that might be as good of a buy as COLM. I'm all


    • COLM-- an old, well-established co but a very
      recent IPO-- is not followed by a lot of analysts while
      NIKE is; therefore, NIKE's positive earnings
      announcement has been interpreted as a trend-reversal sign for
      COLM as well (not that COLM's trend has been bad; but
      this is how the Wall St herd thinks, small caps
      following larger caps, regardless of value). It's also
      possible that smart money finally decided enough small
      holders of COLM had been driven to sell at a loss so the
      big guys can now buy a lot of COLM-- at a huge
      discount. There was a big block early yesterday, obviously
      an institution.

    • now the entire market. We're paying the price for
      having bought into an IPO when the market was at its
      over-exuberant, speculation-driven top. (And judging by recent
      events, not everyone has drawn a good lesson from the
      slump: Internet-stock speculation has not taken its toll
      YET.) I bought COLM for diversification and what seemed
      safety (no dependence on foreign sales (aside from
      Canada, but Canada isn't really a foreign market),
      potential benefit from Asian crisis, well-respected name in
      apparel long before it became an IPO). As I've said
      before: I'm disappointed but my horizon was the Winter
      Olympics in SLC. And given the uneven earnings results
      (tilted heavily towards the forthcoming quarter), it
      won't be before next earnings announcement that we'd
      know anything basic. Good Labor Day weekend to all--
      and wear your COLM jackets.

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