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  • mack54 mack54 Oct 26, 1998 12:56 PM Flag


    Earnings tomorrow after the close boys and girls!!!! Look for about a buck above estimates!!!!! Can you say, BIG POP!!!

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    • Columbia wear totally dominates the racks at the
      two major winter outerwear stores close to campus.
      Looks as if it must be in very high demand. Nothing
      else seems close in terms of volume. Questions: 1) is
      it really warm (it looks so lightweight....); 2) is
      the warm stuff overpriced?

      I imagine the
      margins are really good on this stuff.


    • Mack 54, Can YOU say, "I don't know much about

      Grasshopper, this baby is tooooooo thinly
      traded to be appropriate for serious investors... it can
      jump higher or fall like a rock (look at the chart)
      because it is tooooo thin. 5 mil shares floating and 20
      mil owned by the owner's family and friends.

      Think about this all you folks who bleed Columbia Blue.
      Just one "divorce court" sale by a family member and
      the market would be flooded with devalued shares.

      Can you say, "Supply & Demand". What happens to the
      value of something when nobody wants it?

      the demand for this stock? It isn't showing up in the

      If you are in it for speculation
      this isn't a bad stock... assuming you can't get a
      decent flight to Las Vegas.

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      • wsh_man, did I offend you?

        This stock is
        thinly traded because it does not have the PR, market
        cap, or exposure to attract a lot of serious
        investors. If you look back towards the end of September,
        when the volume was around half a million, who was
        buying then? I would say some serious investors, likely
        Goldman Sachs. They sound pretty serious to me to dump
        that kind of money into COLM.

        Second, why would
        the family or friends sell at a 30% loss? They bought
        in at 20 to 24 during the first day of trading and
        are now sitting at 17. Anyone who put up that kind of
        money on an IPO must have some faith in the company and
        its future, and aren't ready to sell for a

        What happens to the value of something if more people
        want it than don't, kinda like today!! Sure, only 11k
        shares traded today, but it was a positive day.

        think this is a great company with a great product,
        thus I am invested and will watch thier progress
        closely. Long on COLM, take care.


    • and it's not the stock price. If earnings are so far above estimates, then why the drop? Although they may post record earnings, not hitting the whisper number could spell doomsday.

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      • The way the market has reacted to so many
        earnings lately, it is hard to guess what might happen. I
        would hate to believe that so much would ride on the
        whisper number, and beating the original estimates should
        be good enough. We'll see tomorrow afternoon how
        things will fair on Wednesday. No, today did not look
        good, but being so thinly traded, it doesn't take much
        to move the price back up. You and I both have seen
        the price swing 2 to 3 points in one day. Look back
        at the volume a few weeks ago, at the beginning of
        the intital run up from 10 to 15. Half million share
        days. Who was buying? Probably some one (Goldman
        Sachs?) in the know. And the way the price has continued
        to go up, they (Goldman Sachs?) are not taking
        profits yet. I've got a lot of eggs in this basket, but I
        believe this is a sound company with a great future. Best
        of luck in the coming days!!!Regards~

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