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  • mountain_thunder mountain_thunder Feb 16, 1999 12:44 PM Flag

    Don't complain to Ma Boyle

    I'm amazed at all the whining on this board.

    COLM's mgmt did not make any guarantees to anyone with
    regard to an ROI. If you bought at 20-something and you
    sold at 12-something then tough luck. It's not COLM's
    job to make you money from quarter to quarter. Mgmt's
    job is to run the company as profitably as possible.
    They do not run the stock, the market does that. If
    the market does not value the stock properly, take
    advantage and buy more.

    If you don't like mgmt-you
    should have never purchased shares in the first place.
    When you buy stock you are buying a business-business
    is run by mgmt. What is there not to like about Ma &
    Son. They make a quality product, keep expenses in
    check and manage for the long term rather than the next
    quarter. If more investors would manage their money the
    same way, they would have as much of it as Ma Boyle

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    • Writing (and communicating in general) correctly
      and appropriately IS paramount in any business. If
      you can't get your point across either through speech
      or writing, you are incapable of positive results -
      no one will understand you.

      As for the head
      of PR of a major retail firm, if HE can't write a
      sentence correctly, how will he know if someone under him

      Everyone should know how to write and speak correctly...
      at least in business arenas. I'm no linguistic Nazi,
      and it doesn't matter what you do in your private
      life, but in a public forum communication is

    • You really might want to call him. He is a pretty
      good guy who will give you an honest scoop on what's
      up with the company. That is more than I can say for
      a lot of the IR guys/gals I've talked to. He
      typically picks up his own phone and is candid, concise and
      open about the company, strategy, and any issues you
      might raise. It is worth a call.

    • Sell it WILL erode to $9

    • Can't believe how he went off! I just sent two
      sentences saying I thought they could do a better job on PR
      and that I wished the price were back over 20. He
      must have overdosed on java.

      I'm long 1400, so
      I hope she goes back up!

      To be fair, I
      wouldn't want his job and I hope he can learn to pull his
      punches a bit. I don't consider a reply like his PRIVATE.

    • of some kind (driven by understandable investor
      frustration); if it is not, the PR person's response is bad
      news in more ways than one (one = his bad grammar, but
      bad grammar shouldn't surprise anyone these days):
      his statement (if it's his) that the co's "marketing
      strategy" is not targeting "individual investor" indicates
      a confused understanding of both marketing and
      investing. Fortunately, COLM's seamstresses are better at
      their job. Good luck.

    • I have thoroughly enjoyed the posts on this
      board. Not quite to the level of what I see on the
      Berkshire Hathaway board, but entertaining

      Most of you didn't have a clue of why you purchased
      the stock several months ago except you either liked
      the product or you purchased Columbia products in the
      past. I like Hershey's candy bars and I have and will
      continue to buy their products, however, I don't own the
      stock. Why? Because the value is less than the price.
      Only when value exceeds price do I buy.

      first purchased COLM at 12.5, then sold at 21 60 days
      later. That's because I felt the value was higher than
      12.5 and close to 21. Value is what good investors
      usually look for. Not some PR department that is willing
      to prop up the price of the stock until reality
      finally catches up. There are several case in
      points--does Sunbeam come to mind?

      Stocks fluctuate.
      Everyday, Mr. Market will give you a quote for what it
      thinks the business is worth. As Buffett says "take
      advantage of Mr. Market but don't take his advice." The
      problem, is not that the PR dept is inept. The problem is
      that you had no clue what the value of COLM was when
      you purchased it at $20+. The value of COLM has
      hardly changed at all in the last few months. However,
      the price has been all over the place.

      pull your head out and learn to invest. Otherwise, put
      it in a mutual fund. And of course, remember don't
      let the fools and Wall Street fool you.

    • I love a food fight.... don't you?

    • Thunder,
      Do you have any knowledge on how the
      market works. It reacts to news and positive earnings
      reports. Columbia is hardly in the press, never a
      commercial, or a mention. They need to make themselves high
      profile. The higher the share price the easier the copany
      can raise capital and expand. Mngt is entirely at
      fault here. I am in this stock @ 24, 18, and 14 and
      will wait another for a rebound before I have to bail.
      Why even invest in a company like this if they never
      will push the shares up to a value for the holder.
      This is below the IPO price!

      • 1 Reply to JPERGOLA
      • This is an over reaction to Tim's tenative
        comments about domestic winter gear. In fact, the first
        quarter expectations were lowered at Zacks to -.01/shr.
        The company will beat that number. I agree that a
        little PR wouldn't hurt, and clearly the company has an
        obligation to create shareholder value. Remember, Tim and
        Gert have a shit load of shares. Share price = wealth
        for them too. If we get below 12 I'll buy some more.
        I think the stock will drift its way to the 17
        range before the next earnings announcement. I don't
        see sustained trading over the mid 20s for some time.

        I really think this is a slam dunk below 12.

    • shit pal. It's definately management's
      responsibility to look after the share holder. They incured this
      responisibility when they went public and sold common shares to
      common folk. If it's not management's responsibility,
      then who's is it? Not mine pal, it's Ma's. This stock
      is a good buy in the single digits, and it's only
      been there once, but it looks like it will be there
      again, soon.

      ~Regards and Happy Trading

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