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  • Openwater7 Openwater7 Jun 29, 1999 1:10 PM Flag

    Colm - waiting for 13 to buy

    I told you in message 521, dated April 21st to
    look at colms financials and compare them the
    Nautica's. It's still true - colm languishes, Nautical is
    moving. Time is the true test. I stand by my consistent
    recommendation. Colm is only good for me at 13, then I'll wait
    and wait for slow movement up. Naut in the meantime
    is steadily pushing up from it's low. Check it

    Sincerely hope that colm improves, but in the meantime,
    making money other places.

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    • Which part of the chart you referenced looks like
      vomit? I've spent a pretty fair amount of time with it,
      but it still just looks like a chart to me. If you're
      one of those "market gurus", maybe you could help us
      less talented investors better appreciate your point.
      How many options are in the hands of insiders? At
      what strike price? Vesting period?

      I'm so
      confused, but I'll bet you can help us out. I can tell by
      your posts you must be a rocket scientist or a
      double-naught spy or something. Please help!

    • There's nothing wrong with options. They are the employment currency of virtually every growing public company.

      By the way, my investment in COLM is up 40%. Better than your bank, eh?


      When are the insiders really going to sell there

      This chart really look like vomit. Your better off
      putting your money in the bank and getting a 3 or 4%

    • Because they love their products.

      getting f..ked by this company, because the insider pump
      and dump there stock options. My case and point, look
      at the chart.

      It's a total abortion! Wake

      don't buy IOM !

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    • Its not "possible" that there will be additional
      charges its ABSOLUTELY certain unless they purchased the
      new warehouse and expensed it all in the last
      quarter. Duh!

      You really are a red nosed clown.

    • Perhaps I was overly critical of you post. For
      that, I apologize. I wrote in that manner on purpose. I
      wanted to ruffle some feathers.

      Perhaps you
      don't care for the wording of the press releases. I
      recall a release some time back that indeed was
      questionable. However, in your original post you took issue
      with the depreciation charge that was clearly
      explained. Eggluvr, I agree, it is possible there will be
      additional charges.

      If you need clarification, call
      or write the company. Don't hastily post in such a
      negative manner on a public board. It is obvious you did
      not take the time to re-read and understand the
      release. As a "champion" of this thread, why even comment
      if you don't like the wording?

      I'm not
      suggesting this thread is just for hype. If there is an item
      to take issue with, so be it. This stock as been
      stuck in a range for some time now. I consider the
      recent news to be very positive. I also know that
      additional licensing agreements are expected in the not too
      distant future. Also, COLM has already out-grown the new
      warehouse. Other than the small stock float, I like
      everything about this company going forward.

      about - the increase in net sales for the quarter from
      the continued strength in its European and Canadian
      businesses, which reported sales growth for the second
      quarter of 62.6 percent and 54.9 percent, respectively,
      when compared to the second quarter of 1998. I like
      these numbers, and expect this trend to

      Anyway, you get the point. I have to go polish my big
      blue shoes and fluff my orange hair now. Let's have a
      great 3rd and 4th quarter and get this stock price up!!

    • and have been a champion of its products since
      the early days of this thread. However, unlike Colm's
      parkas, the quality of their announcements and dealings
      with investors has been less than sterling. The latest
      announcement is a mild example thereof. But if it works for
      you-- fine. If by any chance YOU are the company
      "clown" responsible for its wording, you better go back
      to school. Good luck in your investments.

    • I don't think you need to be quite so much of a
      horse's ass especially as you seem to have misinterpreted
      the press release yourself. If the company has just
      built a new warehouse and has incurred additional
      depreciation expense of $1.4 million, how can this be "a
      one-time hit". Surely we will see additional depreciation
      of a similar amount in quarters going

      Perhaps you should consider that CD for yourself. CLOWN.

    • Are you kidding? Can you read? Wording ambiguous?

      Read it again, CLOWN:

      "net sales of $71.4
      million for its second quarter ended June 30, 1999, an
      increase of 6.3 percent over the $67.2 million of net
      sales for the same period of last year.

      Company reported a small net loss for the quarter of
      $238,000, or $0.01 per share (diluted) on 25.5 million
      weighted average shares outstanding for the second
      quarter, compared to net income of $564,000, or $0.02 per
      share (diluted) on 25.6 million weighted average shares
      outstanding for the same period of last year. Second quarter
      results for 1999 are inclusive of an additional $1.4
      million in depreciation expense that primarily resulted
      from the Company's investment in its US distribution
      facility during 1998."

      What part of the
      depreciation expense is ambiguous, not explicitly mentioned?
      Looks like a one-time hit to me.

      In addition,
      the separately announced licensing agreement is
      estimated to be worth $100 million annually. Sounds all
      extremely positive going into the big selling season.

      If you are SO doom and gloom oriented, why don't you
      sell and take out a CD at the bank where your coins
      are safe? Or does Y2K freak you out as

      have a nice day

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