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  • abusif_en_inhalant abusif_en_inhalant Apr 30, 2001 7:15 PM Flag

    Columbia - Strong Don't Buy Issued

    Almost everything that my store carries that is made by Columbia is made in china. Do any of you longs care about this? TNF makes some products in china but many are made elsewhere, which is one reason I encourage my customers to buy their products instead. Obviously I haven't made an impact yet.

    Another thin that disturbs me about Columbia is the enormous amount of garbage they ship with their products. Each shirt comes in a plastic bag, with a sheet of paper(what the fuck?), and three plastic clips on the arms. Pants come almost the same way. For every box of clothes I get I have to throw out a box of garbage. COLM makes a significant contribution to landfills with each item they sell, they also strengthen a incredibly hostile foreign government. Well thanks COLM for turning the outdoors you make money on into a sewer and enriching those communist shit heads overseas.

    I vote with my money and I'll vote against COLM until they change their ways.

    Btw I am a lassies faire capitalist, not some eco-fascist with a bone to pick.

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    • With the exception of shoes/boots, most of it is synthetic materials. They use leather sparingly for trim on a few things. I would imagine that a leather shortfall would not be a big deal to them in clothing/packs/luggage.

    • With leather prices skyrocketing due to mad cow disease, what percent of COLM's goods are made of leather--which would shrink margins?

    • Since veronica is not female, I was trying to figure out what your sexual obsession with him was. Then I realized why you use "star_gay" as your ID. Thanks, confusion resolved.

    • what do trees have to do with bombing china?

    • I'm old fashioned starguy. You've got to get on your knees first. Then you get to meet my parents and talk to my dad.

    • I tried to buy some nice sandals this weekend and every pair I looked at were made you know where. Columbia's were the best made for a reasonable price.

      IBD has featured this stock and written about the company for several weeks. They think it is pretty hot. It is funny because their editorial content is anti China big time.

      It is more than a little scary concerning how much we import from these clever little totalitarian dictator torturers.

    • This is a stock board, not a political forum, so this reponse is off topic, and labelled as such. But, I hate to miss a good debate, so...

      I agree with your concern over excess packaging, but I think you are off-base regarding the made-in issue. The best way to fix the Chinese government's inhumane treatment of their own people is to get as many people as absolutely possible into a strong middle class, for two reasons. First, it gives a larger group of people a taste of what increased economic security can do for them that the communist bs hasn't done for the last 50 years. Get enough people hooked on a better life and they will demand that their government make changes. Second, if the day comes that they need to forceably change their government, there will be enough people with money to help make it happen. The Tianniman(sp?) Square revolt failed because it was just a bunch of students, and did not have the required broader base of support (popular outcry and money) that such a movement would require. So, keep pushing Chinese made products if you really want to help them.

      As for packaging, you need to also pound their corporate headquarters with complaints. But your point is taken.

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      • you're right on the political forum issue so this will be my last post/response on these issues. my intent was only to make a few of you aware of this situation.

        These people work in sweatshops and paid pennies. The factories are government owned(but built with us dollars) so all profits from their reletionship with COLM go directly to the government. People demanding that govenment make the changes is what lead, and will continue to lead, to communist nations being created in the first place.

        vote with your money. if you're to lazy or cheap to vote u.s. at least vote democracy, and if you can't do that at least vote non-u.s way of life threatening. it is hard at first but you'll get used to it and then you'll get proud of it.

        got more columbia stuff in my store today. plastic and paper galore. not made in china(hip hip hooray) and no plastic clips.

        wouldn't less packaging mean more profits?

        thanks for the first great response trisoconquent.

    • if what you said was true, but I haven't seen the same thing.

    • R-E-C-Y-C-L-E. Box, plastic and paper can be recycled. COLM isn't contributing to the landfill. You are.

      Can't help you with the China problem

    • go cut the soles off your shoes and go live in a freakin tree... we're here to make money, not to listen to the whining eco-babble of some glue sniffing skin head jerk off... go get a life somewhere else, colm doesn't need yopur money

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