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  • c.jackson57 May 31, 2012 9:52 AM Flag

    I Like This Company

    There's lots to like about Invivo Therapeutics. Their cause is humanitarian and the business potential is very large. Some bullets:

    - Cutting edge medical technique developed from Robert Langer's research.
    - Tested in rodents and monkeys with outstanding positive results that have been replicated.
    - Acute Spinal Cord Injury estimated medical intervention business at $10 Billion.
    - Chronic SCI business estimated at least another $20 Billion.
    - Peripheral applications additional significant business.
    - Recent secondary public offering was at $2.10 with huge support.
    - Hypothetical buyout (Zacks report) at about $7.50
    - Excellent coverage found in Crystal, Zacks, and ProActive research reports.
    - Company assembled an amazing "dream team" ready to hit the ground running.
    - Their biomolecular scaffolds and biomolecular hydrogels are medical devices and carriers, not pharmaceutical drugs. The approval pathway is far less cumbersome than drugs. These cubstances are already approved in other forms, such as sutures. Invivo is going to utilize the HDE pathway which will expedite approval and utilization.
    - Path to manufacture and to revenue generation is considerably shortened.
    - Current share price is only slightly above a massive level of support. Whereas, the upside potential is quite large. I am not an expert in evaluations, but on the previous message board, I have seen all kinds of figures through the next 5 years that blow past the takeover figure...rising above 10X current price, with blue sky where it was opined even 100X by some.
    I'd love to hear some expert opinions on this.
    - Invivo is offering game-changing medical technology which has achieved what has never been done before: Paralyzed monkeys walking again in as little as 3 weeks!
    - This company offers hope to many people worldwide who are paralyzed.

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    • Excellent DD - especially your point that scaffolding device was tested in rodents and monkeys with outstanding positive results that have been replicated. I repeat -- replicated.

      Huge future market here -- acute spinal injury intervention business estimated at $10 B, with chronic spinal injury business estimated as another $20 B.

      When this goes, the gap may be an integer multiple.

      • 1 Reply to contrarianvalueinvestor
      • True enough on all accounts. Had this been managed better since late spring of 2012, the stock may very well have stayed in the upper two's, along with some more forrays into the 3's, IMO.. Though I would have less shares than I do today, so the drops have been good in that respect. I just wish I knew they were coming; I could have sold higher and bought back in.

        And Frank's "way of doing things" has manifested in an overall harm to the level of confidence out there. That could have been avoided by being smarter and more responsible about forward looking comments.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Nice summary. I think plenty of huge news is coming soon too. I'm expecting significant breakout within 30 days.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nice re-cap CJ. I don't know what happened to all the other posts, but your summation seems like a good basis for re-starting the board for NVIV. I just hope this "Dream Team" does better than the Miami Heat.

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