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  • tonto.warrior tonto.warrior Jun 5, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

    MM's monkeying around?

    I would sure love to see a level 2 listing of today, 6/5/12. NVIV was MOSTLY at $2.20 and maintained $2.20 through a volume of 44,000+ shares. Then all of a sudden we're at $2.18 after only 3000 more shares were traded, AND, they don't list an asking price above $2.19 !

    IMO, they should be stepping UP the ask.... not down!

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    • i hate seeing nviv dipping, but when the FDA approves the human trials, it will create quite a surge in the pps so i'm not worried. As for actc, they have so many zillions of shares that when good news approaches, I think they will enact the r/s quickly and release the good news immediately afterward. Just the mention of r/s occurring will drive down pps, so i'll wait until after r/s.

    • Hey cjack, i believe actc has till the end of the year to do the rs if they go thru with it at this time and its parameters are 1 for 20 all the way up to 1 for 80. The ceo said they would only do it from a position of strenght so everyone is talking about some nice pumping to go along with it. It is weird that the price for nviv isnt going up right now. From what ive gathered we have enough money in the bank to get going really well if approved by the fda and fda approval should be in the bag really soon so why isnt the pps going up. Makes no sense. Just my opinions though. Actc and nviv have to much upside with very little downside

    • c.jackson57 Jun 6, 2012 8:10 AM Flag

      What will the actc split ratio be?

      Also, on NVIV, if you go to the 1 day interactive chart and follow along the timeline and look at the volume as the pps rises and falls, it remains a mystery as to why such tiny volume would drop it to $2.16. Unless some dimbulb waited all day to "sell low" at 3:45. If I were available close to 4pm I would have bought some more shares.

    • now at 2.21. when FDA approval for human trials is announced shortly, this could add 50% instantly imo.

    • Ooops, even worse, they do not have an "ask" above $2.18. On what basis? This is BULL$#!t in my opinion.

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