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  • putuporshutup2 putuporshutup2 Jun 20, 2012 10:58 PM Flag

    Blue Sky Assessment

    Here was my blue sky assessment posted on the old board. Oh, and one other thing that made me pad my holdings: Frank Reynolds was paralyzed for several years and I read that his spine is degenerating now. If he doesn't get the scaffold to market he faces paralysis again. I don't think you can find a more motivated CEO!

    NVIV is a speculative play, with an A+ team, that has very recent experience with the FDA process, and significant cash in the bank.

    Stock price should double on news of FDA trial, beyond that who knows? They do have a team that can get this product to market quickly if the trial is positive. If trial is not positive, or delayed, share price will drop (good time to buy more shares). It is that simple. The managers NVIV just hired are experienced at pushing products through the FDA, plus they also know what not to do (Geron), and in the start-up world that is half the game!

    NVIV business:
    1. They have a revolutionary product, in a large un-met market, with sensational PR potential.
    2. Product is ready to manufacture, at very high margins. And it is made from an FDA approved material.
    3. They are using a Humanitarian Device Exemption, which means less time to market, and a faster pathway to revenue; great for investors.
    4.. Pre clinical trials results are consistent, and appear very repeatable in humans. Plus NVIV designed the trial, looks like a good chance of great trail results, and another big jump in pps, potentially this year. So, pps could do 3x-4x this year.
    5. NVIV has significant cash in the bank ($18 million), and access to $13 million more with warrants that are already issued. They have operated under-budget consistently, they will be in business for a long time and won't be distracted from their goals by fundraising, or any other cash issues. In essence, they have an A+ team with no worries except getting their scaffold device to market. This is a dream come true for speculative investors! And a rare and difficult thing for managers to acheive. It shows you how talented NVIV's managers are, A+.
    6. Managers just set-up a stock option plan at $2.68. This means that managers have the option, in the future, to purchase stock at $2.68. You would not buy a stock option at $2.68 until the pps was well above that. This indicates that insiders see significant upside from today's pps. So, as a speculative play, we are in a great position with very little downside, until the FDA process begins to unfold.
    7. Blue sky upside on NVIV is over 100X return from today's price because the product is very high margin, to-market rapidly, and scaled rapidly with a very small sales-force. Plus the PR potential is a big multipier.

    I strongly believe pps will more then double in the short term, based on news of the FDA trails alone. Beyond that, it is up to how the product performs inside a human! If it does well, we could see pps over $200. If it does poorly, we could see pps under $1. Simple

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