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  • cynicoptimist cynicoptimist Sep 11, 2012 4:38 PM Flag


    I'm sorry but I have to agree with Tonto on this. For all of his other merits, I am seriously questioning Frank's effectiveness as a spokesperson for the company. How do you end a presentation where 97% is good and then finish with that Keystone Cop routine about trickling down shares? All you do is instigate the kind of questions that Springer advanced. Are you bloody mad? If you truly have confidence in this company, why would you sell ANY shares this cheap? This sends serious mixed messages, when you could sell at $7.00 or in double digits. I blame Frank himself for the suppression of price per share.

    Please - enough of these ridiculous and amateurish blunders. Please consult a PR expert. This is unacceptable.

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    • It's hard to live on only $947/yr apparently.

    • Guys - I may be missing something on today's presentation, so apologies in advance if this is the case.

      With respect to Frank selling shares, from what I am seeing Frank terminated his selling program in May and has not sold any shares since then. Reference SEC filing from May 12 (8-K "other")

      Further, insider selling at this point is being done by Langer under his own 10b5-1 sales.

      This is NOTuncommon by any stretch - people with millions of shares of stock are 'told' by their personal investment advisers and even institutional money to take shares off the table and gain some liquidity from their holdings.

      Maybe someone saw something outside of the SEC filings and Springer's fur-ball comments, and again apologies in advance if this is the case.

      Outside of something additional to what has already been made public, Springer remains an idiot, Reynolds and Langer are doing what any of us would do if we were in their shoes (and don't kid yourselves, we would all do the same), and this stock remains a screaming buy.

      Looking for share price appreciation before the human trials and panting like dogs on a daily basis over a volatile stock and its daily price movement is time ill-spent IMO. Buy on the dips, be thankful for them in the longer haul, and wait until early 2013.

      My two pennies............

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      • Yes, I am thankful for the dips to buy more, but at the tail end of today's presentation Frank said he was planning to reinitiate his 10b5-1 and "trickle" out around 3000 shares per day. Do financial advisors and hedging bets really trump selling these same shares 5 or 10 times higher in a couple of years? Why is it that nobody today takes the long horizon view. It does send mixed messages of a level of uncertainty on THEIR part for not holding. My 1 cent.

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