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  • factman777 factman777 Nov 12, 2012 12:13 AM Flag

    Good post...

    Good post from Analystnueve over at Investors Hub:

    Analysts all say this can be HUGE! I concur.
    I just thought it would be good to refresh memories as to the enormous potential and upside that NVIV has at the very same time having a fairly minuscule downside - especially at the very low share price it trades today. There are at least 4 analysts who have done extensive research and modeling on InVivo Therapeutics, covering the business model, stages of development, and more importantly the solid science and game-changing medical potential that is now literally just around the corner.

    Because this medical intervention is in the form of a medical DEVICE and not a pharmaceutical, and due to the filings that have already been undertaken, this is already set to follow a FAST TRACK through regulatory bodies (FDA) ONCE IT COMMENCES. This commencement is expected in Q1 of 2013! When the human trials are underway, many predict the success level will be high, based upon the immense success on non-human primates. As an HUD/HDE fast track it is certainly plausible that before 2013 is over, the company could begin receiving small revenues of a few million dollars. This will translate into a couple of powerful catalysts. It will illustrate the massive market potential looking forward as well as provide ongoing operating funds. By (or before) this time, NVIV could certainly migrate to NASDAQ. Volumes and PPS would naturally increase.

    Let's not forget that this is not only about a solid phase scaffold for acute injuries. There are a whole host of hydrogel products being developed for acute as well as peripheral indications. The combined worldwide market for acute and peripheral is estimated at NORTH OF $30 BILLION. Imagine InVivo Therapeutics captures only 10 percent of the market. That would be revenues of more that one Billion Dollars in the acute market and at least two Billion Dollars in the peripheral market. As the technology matures and utilizes partners in the stem cell industry, the company will open up the chronic market, which is also estimated to be near the $30 Billion range. While we are describing a model of merely 10% of these markets, in reality it would likely be much higher.

    This is very likely to ramp up starting in the near term and then accelerate after each year for the next 7 or more years. I expect a remarkable jump going from years 2014 through 2017. MY prediction and opinion is 2.5X to 3X by end of H1-2013 alone.
    At a future stage of development and accomplishment, I also see no reason why this couldn't appreciate to more than $50 per share. Whether that occurs in 2015, 2016, or later is anybody's guess, but for any long term investor, this appears to be an outstanding investment and an amazing opportunity at the current price.

    I see no legitimate reason that this is currently under $2.00, let alone under $2.50, beyond typical human traits of impatience and unfounded (IMO) fears. Again, downside is minuscule while upside is tremendous. Another reason is lack of notice by most investors. This would certainly change once the human trials are given the green light.

    I look at the next 2-3 months as an outstanding opportunity for entry as well as increasing one's holdings. The following people will be your unintended friends: People who lack patience and fearful people who let go and opportunistic shorts. I plan to add to my holdings while this remains as ridiculously cheap as it is right now. When this goes above $3.00 and I have ZERO DOUBTS that it will, there will be plenty of folks saying the proverbial, "coulda shoulda, woulda." Don't fret though because you'll still have the opportunity to go from $3 to $6 to $12 to $20 to $30 and more, IMO!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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