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  • fagenbecker fagenbecker Dec 18, 2012 3:06 PM Flag

    Buy after the daily "Francis Dip"

    which "may" have happened mid-day. Or not. You have no clue, I have no clue, and anyone thinking 4K shares is relevant is totally "clue-less". How can you advise people to buy 'after' a supposed 'daily dip' that may or may not have occurred, and at a time of day that no one knows????

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    • Chill friend. I was just being cute. Though on a low volume day you might detect it.Basically when I have the extra $ I buy on any dip. Frank trickling out these small amounts is actually doing us longs a favor.

      And to answer the questions posed on other threads, by filing this now it achieves his objective of liquidating a tiny percentage (which he got either free or nearly so) without respect to the price. It was filed ahead of events that will surely raise the price, so he is not spontaneously selling based upon inside info.

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      • 3 Replies to analystnueve
      • Thanks. Just bought a little more.

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      • Yup - you nailed it. Agree with you in fill. Cheers to a GREAT 2013 for this stock!

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      • josie13015 Dec 19, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

        I'm in whether I want to be or not but after being led to believe the stock was going to be uplisted (and was holding at 2.40) Mr. Reynolds decided to single-handedly manipulate this stock and thereby took me prisoner. It leaves me a little miffed knowing that this stock will always be controlled like this. He and Cramer ought to get together.

        Insider Relation Last Date Transaction Type OwnerType Shares Traded Last Price Shares Held
        REYNOLDS FRANCIS Officer 12/18/2012 Automatic Sell direct 4,250 1.6100 14,339,410
        REYNOLDS FRANCIS Officer 12/17/2012 Automatic Sell direct 4,250 1.6000 14,343,660
        REYNOLDS FRANCIS Officer 12/14/2012 Automatic Sell direct 4,250 1.6000 14,347,910
        REYNOLDS FRANCIS Officer 12/13/2012 Automatic Sell direct 4,250 1.6000 14,352,160
        REYNOLDS FRANCIS Officer 12/12/2012 Automatic Sell direct 4,250 1.6100 14,356,410
        REYNOLDS FRANCIS Officer 12/11/2012 Automatic Sell direct 4,250 1.6700 14,360,660
        REYNOLDS FRANCIS Officer 12/10/2012 Automatic Sell direct 4,250 1.6600 14,364,910
        REYNOLDS FRANCIS Officer 12/07/2012 Automatic Sell direct 4,250 1.6700 14,369,160
        REYNOLDS FRANCIS Officer 12/06/2012 Automatic Sell direct 4,250 1.6500 14,373,410

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