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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 Jan 25, 2013 12:28 PM Flag

    inVivo biopolymer vs. existing metal devices and why FDA will likely approve

    As many of you know, InVivo is applying for a biopolymer HUD to treat SCI vs some of the existing products in PMA that are a metals based solution. We all know metals have drawbacks while biopolymer represent a safer and more desireable solution.

    Injectable, biodegradable scaffolds are important biomaterials for tissue engineering and drug delivery. Hydrogels derived from natural polysaccharides are ideal scaffolds as they resemble the extracellular matrices of tissues comprised of various glycosaminoglycans. A new class of biocompatible and biodegradable composite hydro gel is produced by mixing water-soluble chitosan and oxidized hyaluronic acid, without the addition of a chemical crosslinking agent. The gelation is attributed by N-succinyl-chitosan and aldehyde hyaluronic acid. The composite hydrogel supported cell survival and the cells retained chondrocytic morphology. These characteristics provide a potential opportunity to use the injectable, in situ forming biodegradable composite hydrogels in tissue engineering applications

    In my opinion, InVivo appears to be heading down the right path and time will tell on how the FDA will decide. As the stock is dropping a bit now, it may be the last good time to buy a few shares and get your stake in this promising technology. Cheers.

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    • nice post! Did you stay at a Holiday Inn last night? lol... I'm hoping some of my other plays will surge so I can take the profits and add to my NVIV position before the FDA trial approval news comes. Should get exciting soon (Q1 according to company), glta

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      • My advice is - take your poorest performer, sell now. When th emoney settles go into NVIV. The profits from NVIV will offset your other loss and most of all give you a better chance to make even more money later. Sometimes money in a bad company can be dead money. You may want to consider changing your approach to free up more cash later.

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