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  • duckbillthrill duckbillthrill Feb 3, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    Get A Grip

    We had an interesting few days last week. Come Monday, I hope the panic has passed and we settle back into a state of sanity. I am convinced this whole charade was conducted by one person using aliases (sp). He may have a friend lending assistance, but this scam is owned by one person of low
    character. He uses his aliases as strawmen to attack management and create doubt about what the FDA is doing and about the release date. This bum then attacks his strawmen but alway manages to
    surreptitiously slips in a couple disparaging remarks about Mr Reynolds. Do you see a flashing light?
    He has done harm to numerous small investors who can ill afford to lose their investment. Not to mention the harm done to a small emerging biotec that may hold great promise for numerous desperate patients. People like the #@&%$%@# I have been describing often (but not often enough), get what they deserve. Let's hope he does. While no one is without some room for improvement, I would suggest that Mr Reynolds, Dr Langer, and the entire NVIV staff, are decent and honorable people.
    There is no reason------repeat, NO DAMN REASON for this sell off. Get a grip folks.

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    • Who cares let them sell. Like I said before, there was no news. So there was no reason to panic. If it gets closer to my pps I for one will just add again.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Understand your sentiment and don't blame anyone for taking advantage of the pull-back, just as long as they didn't cause it by lies and deception. In poker games one will often find married guys with kids, making low wages and can't afford to lose. What happens? They most always lose.he
        One could make the case, they should not be in emerging BioTech if they can't afford to lose. Maybe they should buy a 100 shares of Wal-Mart and sleep well. I don't know. Just hate bashers.
        As I have said in they past, they not only harm small inexperienced investors that can't afford to lose, they do harm to a well intended company. Above all, I HATE damn liers.

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