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  • analystnueve analystnueve Feb 4, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    Fellow Longs

    What's your guess on the recent riff-raff here? Lone gunman or some sort of coordinated agenda? Also, any thoughts on a private commenting venue such as a "virtual message board" via group email on occasion? BTW see if you may have gotten an email today about another idea.

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    • For those who haven't seen it yet, I've mentioned it a few times before, but look into the InvestorStemCell message boards. There's a small monthly fee, but it's well regulated so personal attacks are reduced and people focus on value-added posts instead of spouting nonsense.

    • Hi analyst,
      You may have noticed a couple of my post putting down the "riff raff" Some may disagree and think we shouldn't pay any attention to them but I think you gotta punch back once in a while and alert any vulnerable new comers to what sleaze bags the "riff raff" are. Evil sleaze bags.
      I do want to emphasize again that I respect well reasoned criticism just not evil bashing. I always appreciate your input and wish you luck!
      PS ......although I must say the "riff raff" are so odviously apparent that I don't think they actually scare too many people. I only started checking the message boards starting last May and it was pretty easy to spot the menacing evil riff raff for me.
      Keep the faith!

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    • I would definitely be for creating an email chain to exchange ideas / findings for investors. As for what's going on, I dont see it being anything more then panic due to the 45 day deadline. This specific pathway for approval is emphasized as a process, not just a yes or no. If the FDA requires more info, then thats that. But personally, I dont think anything is wrong and we will see approval shortly. Bottom line is if you believe in the company and what they are doing then you can't go wrong. This isnt an investment for the half hearted.

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