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  • amazedbysuckers amazedbysuckers Feb 12, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    Defenders: Are you blind, or are you compensated?

    You can never predict when that unknown torpedo will come out of the dark and smash the price of a stock. ~Ralph Seger

    Legitimate issues I brought up over a year ago are now proving obvious. I was so attacked by this board by the fools who keep defending this, I left. I post only here under a pseudonym to avoid the insults.

    "FDA any day now"
    "30 bagger"
    "12B Revs coming"
    "Insider selling normal"
    Reality: Contact FDA! See status yourselves
    Reality: Even if HUD comes, it doesn't mean trials succeed
    Reality: Payroll says EVERYTHING
    Reality: How much money has been expended on IR? Chance any guesses, fools?
    Reality: Company statements are only to pump. To not update on 45 days says everything.
    Reality: The intensity of the "pump" can always be seen by the intensity of the "defenders". Oh, watch the insults come.
    Reality: Legit companies can be sold, but are mostly bought by insiders. Never "totally sold".
    Reality: I now have zero shares
    Reality: I will be a sadist in watching the suckers who've insulted me a year ago wallow.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • can't argue with what has transpired so far, however I do have confidence that they are not lying, just extremely slow, or ill prepared for the reality of what it takes to secure FDA approval to start a trial. I could be totally wrong, but they have recieved grants, investments based on their results so far, and if it turned out they were fabricating and misleading, then they would all eventually face prosecution. I just don't think that's the case. I think we'll get there soon. all imo, glta longs

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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