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  • portfolioman22 portfolioman22 Feb 13, 2013 10:18 AM Flag

    First in-man clinical trials will be underway soon...translated: approval as HUD expected very soon

    From the PR - "we’ve been focused on advancing our scaffolding device into a first-in-man clinical trial. By the 2013 Summit, we expect to have the clinical study underway"

    Frank would not issue a PR that clinical trials are expected to start by summer unless he knew the FDA was preparing to approve their spinal scaffold treatment as a HUD...The ex-head of FDA has a hugely successful track record and this one will be no exception, given how the simian trials were remarkably successful.

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    • completely agree and personally not worried about NVIV long term, but NVIV is tanking for 2 reasons, 1.) 1st 45 day window wasn't met, and we don't know if FDA response has been submitted, 2.) STEM put out positive news on their trial. Personally I don't see the STEM news as earthshaking yet. If NVIV can do to humans what it did for monkees, then that's earthshaking. What STEM says they accomplished might possibly have happened anyway with physical therapy. It's too soon and results too small to tell STEMs true impact. In any case, some stem cell investors have moved from here to there due to their news. NVIV needs to put out a PR stating exactly the status of HUD re-submission. But in the long run, I think we'll do good here. Also I bought RFMK just for fun today, we'll see how high that marujuana stock can go. GLTA longs

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