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  • jsteveco730 jsteveco730 Feb 21, 2013 4:25 AM Flag

    Article states runup likely?

    What a joke. THese analysts write a story from their cubicle and claim to be experts. Why do we even listed to these morons. Bet against the street to make real money.

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    • Assuming mar 9 actually is the new target date, there will definitely be a runup to that date imo. I just don't know why that guy knew about the new HUD timelines and no one else seems to know about the changes?/ If no runup, then Mar 9 not the date per big boys imo...

    • Truth is, as we get closer to March NVIV runup is highly likely. It has been suppressed or dropping simply because of the silence.

      I've been criticized from the extreme negatives as well as some of the extreme positives here. That's because I have a cautiously optimistic view. A lot of times when you're in the right spot you get it from both ends. This company definitely has enormous opportunities, Langer's genius, a hot product pipeline that has been proven to achieve results, and a great team.

      However, on the negative side I am sorry to say that Reynolds, despite being essential to getting the company to where it is today, is also responsible for causing it harm. On communicating he is literally damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. And I'm not using this in the conventional sense. In this case it means he is either wildly over-promising on dates and timelines or, as in right now, saying nothing. He needs to strike that proper balance and speak to shareholders plainly and pragmatically about the company's progress. I fail to see what is so difficult with that. He must be a very stubborn Irishman who has his traits etched in stone.

      Now couple those flaws with the share selling. To anybody that doesn't know the full story to the degree of veteran NVIV investors, it doesn't add to anybody's confidence levels.

      What people also do not realize is that Reynolds has so many shares (many acquired very cheap or at low cost) that he could theoretically sell another million shares and if NVIV went someday to $75 or even $60 the man would still become a BILLIONaire.

      The analysts have varying degrees of expertise, but right now everybody seems to be in the dark. If Reynolds is honoring his ongoing interractions with the FDA by remaining silent, ok fine, but he needs to at least provide a rudimentary comment saying discussiona are in progress and to hang tight.

      Bottom line on the silence is that it is synergistic with the share selling and blown deadlines so as to become fodder for the attackers as well as weaken the confidence of the supporters.

      I would N E V E R run a company this way. If I was not up to the task on communicating I'd have someone else do it. Period. I've said it before, there is no way this man would have ever made it to CEO of Siemens USA.

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