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  • jettababe18 jettababe18 Mar 2, 2013 8:22 AM Flag


    Most gene and cell therapy companies will enjoy their short term fame but then will come the shame. They go on hype cycle that's to be sure. The process is slow, as Phase 1 will take years. Phase 2 will even take longer. Phase 3 (you'll have forgotten about it) takes even longer.

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    • I think you are quite ignorant, both in the message you are trying to send, and in the way you are trying to send it. I have read through quite a few of your posts. If I was as illiterate as you show yourself to be based on your written word, I wouldn't be posting on a message board. All you've done is left yourself wide open to ridicule. LOLOLOL How many pronouns can one person leave out of a sentence before it makes absolutely no sense. I doubt you're even from the United States. Hahahhaha....

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    • ....newbies... really??? ....the human trial is close, open, results will be known in short order, and if as anticipated, believe will be sensationalized in the media.... The many network correspondents that interviewed Frank in their medical segments (and I believe were invited appearences) have their radars on for follow up reporting.... Positive results validate the entire platform! We are more than hopefully on the edge of an historic scientific breakthrough....

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    • hey j"babe" .......even the "newbies" are not that stupid as to believe your negative bs. Whether you work on your own bashing or someone is paying you ,just this once at least, you might want to reconsider. Go long babe you will ,at this point in time anyway , make a lot more money. You might also feel a great sense of satisfaction in helping the SCI community as well. I know I do. Why would you think it is ok to wish such negativity on a company devoted to a population that have had their lives all but taken from them. Shame on you j"babe" , shame on you.

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      • IF i was shorting this stock, in the long run, I'd win! I know there's no cure or anything close to it however someone sold you a snake oil story so now you are a believer. You obvious need some third party advise, talk to any Neurologist about what their doing then get back to me otherwise you haven't done you DD. No one in the business is even CLOSE to any success with any kind of treatment in this field. Prove me wrong, send me a link.

    • Jetta, how about trying to wise up a bit. Too many that look at this sector think in terms of a pharmaceutical company and a new drug. Ie: Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, long timelines, etc. You DO REALIZE that it can be and is very different for MEDICAL DEVICES? The first fallacy is lumping them together. Imagine going through a pharma-like process with something like a heart valve?

      No. This company does not produce one single drug. InVivo Therapeutics is a medical device company, and the pathway and rules are very different. When this HUD & IDE are approved, there will be human trials and the safety data will be demonstrated in mere couple of months. There may or may not be a pivotal study spun off of that. Either way, there will be sufficient data on the safety and most probably efficacy that the company would get the HDE. What happens then is the company recoups all its costs and even a small profit margin (regulated) while continuing to treat those in great need of this medical intervention. All the while collecting additional data the equivalent of your Phases II & III. Then when it is abundantly clear this BSD works, then we see full device approval and full scale medical intervention, and profits will soar. Next comes combining other agents with this BSD

      Meanwhile simultaneously, the hydrogel platform is moving forward hopefully as a device, or possibly a combination product. The partnerships with a pharma company will include ALREADY APPROVED DRUGS contained in a unique long-eluting timed released carrier. Significant profits will come from that.

      The beauty of the strategy that InVivo Therapeutics has come up with is that once this kicks off it BYPASSES the long process that pharma companies are burdened with. Relatively low cost investment in research, development and implementation as compared with industry peers, and faster to market after positive human clinical results. This company is hypothetically not too many years away from earning over $1BIL.

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    • Quite the Negative Nancy, aren't you, jettababe? I just checked out all your previous posts, which is as easy as clicking on your name, and it seems all you do is grind axes. Do you believe in ANYthing? You speak of "pumpers" as somebody who pumps and/or believes in a stock and can't be trusted. What does that make you, fueled by negativity, spreading only woe and warning. Henny Penny? Santa Claus may not be real, jetta, but science is.

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