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  • justlayingoutfacts justlayingoutfacts Mar 19, 2013 12:58 PM Flag

    My Take...and I do know some things.

    This is the first time I have posted on a financial board...EVER!
    I am no scientist, but I am a CFA. I also have a working knowledge of the penny stock world, and I have done well in the Bio space.
    I am long in NVIV, and I have taken profits on a 20% position gain thus far.
    I also know when a poster has been compensated. There are telltale signs...rage in response to anyone who has a legitimate question or concern.
    I also do not know a more heavily promoted BIO stock in all of the pinks. I know of two firms that were paid handsomely to promote this company. Obviously, I am concerned on whether or not this market is a consequence of hype, or from being the real deal, with acceptable risk/reward ratio. Big names involved in a stock assuage me little. I would stay long in recognition of the market size, and demand when the trials are met.
    What I do want to ask legitimately here is whether or not anyone may explain how the company will replenish it's till. They will NOT have enough cash to get beyond trials, and even if success is had (as I hope), then they will also not have even close to the amounts needed to ascend to organic growth. I am looking at a 20% dilution within 12 months. Am I blind?
    May someone of some cogency give me comfort? If I get an insult from some boorish herdish brown shirt hype #$%$, I'll simply ask you to go back to your furnace room.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Justlayingoutfacts,

      Reasonably, people with little patience, who do not suffer fools gladly, should react negatively to foolishness posted on a message board intended for intelligent discussion of a stock in which they are invested.

      There is much in you posts that appears foolish:

      1. "I also know when a poster has been compensated."

      You know no such thing and are clearly arguing from a position of rank ignorance.

      2. "I also do not know a more heavily promoted BIO stock in all of the pinks"

      NVIV is not a "pink". Clearly, in this instance, you are just wrong.

      3. "I am concerned on whether or not this market is a consequence of hype, or from being the real deal, with acceptable risk/reward ratio."

      If you are interested in "real deal," I would direct you to the SEC documents filed a the company and to a company's web site where you can visit public presentations, and find citations for articles in peer reviewed journals.

      If you are interested in "hype" I would direct you to a stock message board, where anonymous posters, who typically are already invested in a stock, come to exchange ideas. What you call "hype" is nothing more than confirmation bias.

      As for your interest in "appropriate risk/reward," such a notion is completely subjective and can only be defined by each individual investor. That is, your acceptable level of risk versus potential reward is probably not the same as mine.

      Would not a competent "CFA" know all of this?

      4.". I am looking at a 20% dilution within 12 months. Am I blind?"

      Apparently you are. Please tell us how many shares are owned by insiders, and how many millions they stand to lose from dilution?

      Quite frankly, I would agree with amandak4mk, who implies your inability to find the answers to your questions on your own like the rest of us is really nothing more than laziness.

      Hopefully, you can understand why few people here would actually believe you are a CFA or are even remotely sincere.

      Good luck with your investments!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is the first time you've posted on a finance board ever......under this user name. LOLOLOL

    • "Replenishing the till" = What doesn't show up in their available cash is the number of warrants outstanding. The 10K goes into detail about these and are worth several $Million. Added to these a couple sources 1. if successful, early scaffold revenues and 2. partnership cash from the two 510(k) products. IF and this is a big IF as it is with all developing stage biotechs, success is obtained, short and long term revenue shouldn't be a problem.

      Promotion - Many times (I've seen it with my other investments) the company will pay a firm to handle their PR. These PR firms are in actuality the ones to hire these other "promotional" entities. So, it isn't entirely the choice of the original client company to hire the promotional entities.

      • 1 Reply to onsite84
      • Thank you! A good point, rather than these insults that can only be from hired shills. I am hopeful, yet skeptical only from the degree of hype I see exhibited on here. However, from warrants issued, I will analyze via Black Shoals, and see what it does to NVIV's income statement. We are far from being out of the wood's yet! I am indeed long, and my consternation came from my knowledge of some IR firms that were "outed" for not keeping the stock up, and from two Vencaps that passed. What I do know, is that if NVIV does not pass muster in their earlier proclamations, there will be jail time awaiting for some. This is going to be a major home run, or a major SCAM!

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Why hello HarryC, long time? Or are you also Harrison? Just a hunch...

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